Wednesday, March 11, 2009


LEts see, Captain Planet He's the hero, Isnt that A Really Old Cartoon? (like early 90s?) I didnt know they cared about the pollution and planet in those days! hahaha

dis ish da captain

and then with his homes

I dont even know if they made memorabilia but it would be silly if they didnt, because they could have made a lot of money from that!!!! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! !

I was thinking DI, I should check ebay AHHH Sank soo


MiriamR said...

I remember this. I will see if I see any memorabilia anywhere. Daniel never heard of this. I was telling him thats kind of what Avatar reminded me off just their powers that is.

MoBo said...

I Remember it TOO!!!! but only vaguley , bu ti loved it, I wonder why it is so vagueee

YAYA! HOw can Daniel not know this?!?!!?

but something funny, whenever I asked people about it they would always go Captain Planet?!?!? youdont know?!?!?!? and then start to sing the song as if it would help, I was like Are you Special??? HAHAHA

Maliana said...

hahah the song DOES help, help fight pollution that is! blahahah

I remember the asian girl was wind right ooooo ooo and they would all say their power and then say " goooooooo planet" beehee so fun

Maliana said...

oh i was wrong she was water lOOOOLLLLL soviet union

the power of heart this stuff is legend!!!

MiriamR said...

A merchandise website. Yeah When Daniel asked me what I was talking about I was like "you know captain planet he's our hero gonna take pollution down to zero" and then he gave me strange looks because I would randomly start singing it when we watched avatar. Ha ha ha

MiriamR said...

That was way back in Spanish Fork I think wasn't it?

MiriamR said...

cool they sell grocery bags. I used to have some in Guam but I don't anymore. They were so green I loved them I will have to buy more. If you want to order some stuff Melanie you can send it to me or probably Meleofa too if its easier and then have it as teh reunion.

Hera said...

He looks cool and happy. I have never seen this. I watched too many Ninja Turtles when your sisters were younger hehe. I still like Johhny Bravo. He is the most ultimate selfobsessed stupid man haha.