Tuesday, March 10, 2009

sometimes people deserve to have their Faith Rewarded

BATMAN dunaduna dunaduna BATMAN

Thats a good movie, Ey?? supah awesome, too bad that guy died, it would have been awesome possum to see more of Joker!! He was Supah Possum too, too bad too bad too bad

I just finished watching The Goldan Compass for the first time, I really wanted to see it in a theatre because of the awesome cast and the reading of the story that I did. Then I heard all these fooey reviews and i didnt want to see it; but now I seen it, I liked it, and all the performances of the cast was Amazing! hahaha the end was a bit fooey, but thats cuz its a series that needs to continue. I wouldnt mind seeing Subtle knife, but I doubt they are doing any more movies. The real reason why I watched it was because I wanted to see Chris weitz' Abilities, they seem satisfactory, I just hope new moon is not as corndog as this one, I liked it, but New Moon is so much m ore Awesome than His Dark Materials

WHAT A KILL JOY!!!! EXCLAMATION POINT is not allowed in the label, and it Explodes your page if you even TRY IT! ( Go on! Try it! you know you want tooo!!!!!!!)! so I will have to make up for all the lacking of exclamation points by putting TOO M ANNY HEREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Guess which label I was exclamating. weeeeeeeeee!!! ! I rented movies for fun times, and It was fun, MOVIE TIMES!!! I really like movies, I like movies like I like Books. I like books, they are so entertaining

SOO, I was.... Oh yeah, The Reunion, EY BARA CUPS! (hahaha Yea) we need to gets tha moves on or wea not gonna be have a fun Doims with the drames

Dear Siblings, if you could have some open eyes for a backpack that is captain planety, that would be Supah Possum for me, lemme know Cuz I want one for a special reason!!!!!!

Next week I will not be working anymore(unless there is a sudden not cool change of plans HMMM) and it will be Supah LooZah! (not really thats just what came out of my computer typing mouth hands word maker) Cleaning and reading and movie watching and lawn mowing and fun making!! wooo hooot! Jam

So about the K drama's Yeah meleofa, they pretty much are HAHAHA its hilarious, but thats what makes me love them muahaha ! I own two, but I want this other one, and they are all this two guys and a girl triangle hmmmm, Shilly

ok, just so I dont foget to sleep tonay I will go now BYOOOO

Laydas Haydas




MiriamR said...

captain planet backpack? Like the show? What do you mean exactly find a picture to resemble please and I will look out

Maliana said...

so we can buy tickets next week yes?!

captain planet he's a hero
gonna take pollution down to zero!

bhahahaAHSJBAHJSFIW i remember the times