Monday, March 9, 2009

The Seagull's Dream

My foot does not separate from the Ground
I am Simply Afraid

I'm afraid to fly to the Sky
Because I am used to the Ground

The Sky is unfamiliar place

Don't I have the Wing?

Don't I have the knew before?

This is a Poem from princess hours that the Teacher made up, its so much awesomer in the tv, but I Really like it, and i couldnt obsessively listen to it to decipher what she said because I have a guest, so its very rough and ghetto, TAKK muahah

I just wanted to share, I'll be forcing you all to watch it by the by MUHAHAHAHA
laters Haters!

Love from the MoBo

my eye balls are falling out, its really early in the morning muahah and, YEP! you Guessed it!!! I forgot to go to Sleep!! muahah ok BYEO


meleofa said...

I love princess hours. I have only watched it once, and I don't remember a poem. But that's alright. So do you watch lots of Korean soaps? are they all pretty similar? two boys, one girl, one boy loves the one girl, and then the other boy falls in love too. hahahahaha.

MiriamR said...

you forgot to fall asleep. Ha ha thats funny but did you have to go to work too? I used to do that in College ha ha ha it was fun sometimes but usually not if there were tests that day too