Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh the Cleverness of Me!!

sooooohoooooohooooooo I went to Utah for Christmas, I dont know when or what my last post was, and I am too lazy to go see (hoohoohoo), but I am pretty sure it was in Utah...

Okay so many great and wonderful things have happened!

Utah was supa fantasticsh! Dustin and Mele'Ofa got me PREZZIES!!! and they were Awesome prezzies, and i did use them much. WOOHOOO THANKS GUESS!! and then Melisa AND Miriam sent Christmas Cards! or rather the Wileys and the Reeves'(..?) WITh Writing To Me!!! AND THEN! Maliana Sent me a Pressies Through MAMMA!!! AND THEN!!! MAMMA GAVE ME A PRESSIES FROM HALDORA! she made some sokkasko... innisko... I can never remember what they are called, and mamma gave them to me!!!!!! just when I needed Them!! Because mamma made me a pair, but I obviously made them holey so Ya!!!

every thing was so great this year! because I wasnt expecting much of anything hohoho but I got SOO MUCH!!! and i didnt give anything either, which makes me feel Terrible since I got all these amazing things! I am a bit of a lazy bugger like that , but Christmas Cards are SOOO COOOOL, I want to send them, when I become more level headed (teehee procrastination mucho?)

my last night in Utah Mele'Ofa wanted to go out to eat, and asked where I wanted to go. Me being the uncultured lout I am Had No Idea what to suggest, So I said I wanted to go somewhere Reallly Utahy, so That I would forever remember the Utah (hahaha I love being a tourist!). SO we went to Crown Burgers (or Burger Crown, something with crown) food for dinner, I got a crown burger and rice pudding juice (hahahah it Really does taste like that!) which I shared with Miaya, Who Loved it! and wanted more hahaha

We then headed towards Temple Square, and Miaya had a Crazy Attack on the way; it was so funny! the parents thought it was the juice talkin hahahahah the Mexican Rice pudding juice hahahaha she was telling everyone to Shut Up and Everything! hhahahhahaha it was so Funny! she calmed down though hahaha

Temple square was SO AmAzinG! just walking around that place I could really feel The Spirit, and it reminded me of the true meaning of Christmas. Such a Great Thing.

So the New Year is Upon Us! WOO I just realised this is my first post of the year, the eighth.. not too shabby. So The New Year always forces me to take a look back at the past year, and to examine all the things that I did or did not do, and This Year I am wanting to do some things. I don't want to call them resolutions because that word fills me with loathing and hatred, I am sure if I looked it up and read the etymology I might not be so filled with these feelings, but cest la vie.

sOOOOO The first thing I want to laga is my Brain! over the past few years it has become so despicably racist! of course I don't think "stupid *insert race/racial slur*! can't *insert racist accusations*!" But I think its as good as. My brain jumps to conclusions and marks individuals and their behaviours and appearances all too quickly, than places them all in the so and so box because of this that or the other. but the really stupid thing is that it isnt just race, it could be anything, such as Age, Sex, clothes, cars, shoes, socks, glasses, animals, food, hair, books, oh its terrible! so its not just racism, its more I judge and generalize WAY TOO MUCH! I shouldnt do it at all! I should just let my brain explode with the information overload of having everyone in their own pen, rather than all in a similarity boxes.

I think it is mostly because I have become lazy, in the sense that I dont want to have to think of people as Individuals, rather groups of similarity people.

oh how I Hate it! I've become such a ... {Split? halved? lost? confused? lazy? bum? Broken?} sort of a person, I'll let you chose one.

Its hard to explain, but there is an image in my head of a circus stage with a water tank that is halved. There is a ladder behind the tank and a man standing on top of it holding up another tank that is smaller than one of the halves of the big tank, but full of Water. The person is pouring the water into the halves, and not being too careful about it. I am that third tank, being poured carelessly into the halves. DOESNT MAKE SENSE!!! Why Pour the little water tank into two bigger ones??? isnt it better to keep it WHole in the original???? hahaha What a strange image, and it wont go away.

Anywho, That is one of the things I will be working on, Not Judging and labeling others, but its so hard, especially in todays society when people dont want to be different hahaha, but hasnt it always been so? its hard because my mind is set to Auto label, I WILL CONQUER!! VICTORY!!!! (teehee my favourite


MiriamR said...

ha ha your Miaya story made me laugh telling you all to shut up ha ha. Anyways good goals for the year
I feel weird calling them resolutions too because they are goals and I don't know what resolution means. I always thought resolution meant changing your bad behaviour that year or something and then failing haha. I tried to imagine your picture and I was with you until you added the third one? Did you make the ziti last night? i want to try it tonight

Hera said...

You are related to your dad for sure. Have a great year. We have our time on earth to better ourselves. Better now than never.
Once you start on a goal such as not judging people the Spirit will work with you. Eventually you will gain great experiences with the Spirit prompting you in what is a good or bad thought. Then in the end you will not even think any bad thoughts. That is my experience..Practice make 'Perfect'.

Wiley Family said...

Great resolution/goal. hahahaha what is ziti?