Friday, January 8, 2010

the Actor and the Housewife

ok, so I know I just posted my life story, and it was long, But I really need to whine about this book. So Far I am Hating it, very much, with much passion.

I am REALLY hoping that this woman gets hit with the Idiot stick (the housewife character, not the author, but who knows, maybe i will disagree later), Really Hard, and then the Reality stick, and then the Realisation of own stupidiotsy stick. flippin eck she makes me rage, I find her behaviour so .. If she were a real human being and close to me I would say offensive, but at the moment her actions are just so Stupid and annoying to me.

Shes a married woman who says she loves her husband so very much and her kids and blablabla and yet she is hanging out with this "Gorgeous Superstar" man (literally, the man is her modern day hearthrob who she admittedly had a crush on before she(and during in my opinion) met and fell in "friendship" with him) that makes her heart do funny things like beat faster, and every time he or she calls the other, she gets all giddy. Ya see, if she were a single not married with children gal, I would call her moronically in denial for saying this was not the budding seeds of love, and since she is a married woman with children I would say she is so unbelievably stupid it hurts my brains to look at the book.

I just dont know, I dont want to continue reading this book. I am a really(most would say overly hahaha) sensitive person (hahahah it sounds funny to me, but its mega True hahaha) and the book offends my senses. The character is a Member, and she just makes me cringe. She is supposed to be a female Utah mormon type, but not really. Now Really, How many are there of those?? I am not sure I know any, or have encountered any (Just in Case you didnt realise but Mele'Ofa isnt one, Fer dang sure hahaha) And then she is so down on herself, thinking she is of the plain types, and that there would be no reason for this ultra good looking guy to ever fall for her. Ugh, she seems to have the sense of a teenager, the devil likes to tempt us, Every One! irregardless of how plain we think we are, or highly unlikely a situation might be. and then when they(actor and housewife) are together they think they are so witty with their sarcasm and put down business. When they tell people lies because they think it is funny, that is just mocking them! Who do they think they are to act so superior, just gets on my nerves.

It all just offends my senses so, but I feel obligated to read the whole thing, to give it a chance to ... get better... I think someone read it, but i am not sure. i will go look on the goodreads. pewpewpew if you've read it, what do you think? i tend to be overly sensitive about things, and so overly dramatic, I am a very much so like that type of person


MiriamR said...

It sounds like a big whorry affair book to me and I will skip it. I hate books that make affairs "fun and exciting and whatever" and YES emotional affairs are affiars! I have read her forest born series and I like them but I don't thikn i would be a fan of any serious book she wrote, I think fantasy people shouldn't try to write other books it generally doesn't work. thanks for the warning on this one definitely going to skip it. I can't even watch movies with glorified affairs like I HATE the movie about the old country star with Reese witherspoon talk about GLORIFIED AFFAIR ALCHY A-HOLE Poop on them anyways there is my rant to add to yours. Sounds GEY.

MoBo said...

I KNOW RIGHT???? I personally (not that I have ever been married or anything hahaha) would hate the emotional affair more, which I what I think this book is. To me it would hurt more that I couldnt satisfy my spouse emotionaly or whatevs(even though affairs are the moron affair havers fault, not the one who was cheated on). And this housewife lady is all like "Its okay! mike(the husband) doesnt mind! he(the actor) is just like one of my gal pals!" but she always compares him to her premarital male best friend that she stopped being best friends with after they both got married, and every time she mentions this fact I always think "GEEE I WONDER WHY???? MAYBE BECAUSE YOU ARE BOTH MARRIED AND SO YOU LOVE YOU SPOUSES MORE THAN OTHER PEOPLE OF THE OPOSITE SEX" because you love best friends, and when the best friend is of the oposite gender, HMMMM I'm pretty sure its a hard thing to do if you are married. Once again, I have never been married so I dont know. But this book did bring up the question of: Is it okay for a married woman to have a best/very dear friend that is a male? and that the spouse doesnt particularly feel comfortable with? obviously I mean the other way too, a husband having a best/very dear female friend. To me it just doesnt make sense hmmm, But I have never been married so I dont know, but to me it seems very wrong