Monday, January 25, 2010

everybody was waiting

I am a Human being. Because of this unavoidable fact I find Perfection to be a flaw; Hum, Not a Flaw per se, but something that I do not want, in a Spouse that is....

When I was in Calgary over the holidays I went with Henry to a YSA FHE (huhuhu young single adult family home evening in case you did not be able to tell huhuhuh). As expected (they pretend it is not so, but it is) they talked about something or other to do with marriage, This time it was on Dating, more specifically the do's and don't's (...that seems grammatically incorrect, would it be better as do not's... HMMM) of dating. That's not my point though, We listened to some sort of radio broadcast (or something?) that was questioning Elder Bednar and his wife about how they dated, or got to know each other and how they are still married and what not. Some question was asked and it made Elder Bednar share a story.

He said that many a time YSA's (and stuff) will always come up to him and ask him "what kind of qualities should I look for in an eternal companion" and he said that he was always shocked by this question beCAUSE!

(he used some powerful words that would make your jaw drop(they made my jaw drop), but I cant remember the exact words so I will make some up hahaha)

Who are these audaciously conceited people who are looking for the best qualities in their spouses when they are far from perfect?

hahaha I was shocked because in young womens they always make you write out lists of things you want in your future spouse(something i never enjoyed doing because it was weird and awkward for me) hahaha but then it made me laugh because its very true, Who are these Audacious people??? Certainly not me(hoohoohoo), I deny being one because When I think about a future spouse I don't have these beauteous lists of amazing qualities, I think more along the lines of what I am; even though I am a weak little human of imperfection I think it would be more fun to have a companion of a similar level rather than having someone who is far "superior" or more righteouser (hahaha this is a worldly layman look at my reason, I wont go into further detail)

I don't know if that is a bad way of thinking... but... that's how i think....


Hera said...

You are right Melanie. It is better to be able to grow together rather than being "superior". It can be quite a drain being very different on spiritual levels.
I am been married for 29 years and I know the difference.
Love your posts always.

Wiley Family said...

Yeah Melanie I agree with you. Two people are never always perfectly compatible anyway. You constantly learn new things about one another and yourself. I think if both people are committed to the same goals (eternal and temporal) then the other things work themselves out. Who are the audacious people hahahahahaha. I didn't even think I would get married until I met Willie. Funny how things work out when you least expect.
Love you.