Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yesterday was Looking Up! and then I fell over

hahaha its too crazy, just moments ago I was starting to jafna mig, and everything was becoming ok! and then I checked my email and the world was placed on my shoulders again. seriously, I hate life...

nah jokes ahahaha its just odd how i was only just recovering from all the ... how am i supposed to do this? its so hard. what the Heck, gosh. rawr.

im probably gonna be a big fat emo for the rest of my stay in iceland, especially since its winter, and cold. but i see the northern lights. They are wonderful to watch. One day I am gonna buy a snow suit and lay outside in the snow (it hasnt snowed yet) and just watch the lights in the sky move.

well, Im off to have some nightmares, goodbye.

hahahaha jokes hahaha but really, my dreams are all nightmares lately, only in the sense that they make me not happy when i wake up hahahaha


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MiriamR said...

oh no hopefully it wasn't my email. P.S I love your music on there. Its fall and that is generally when I reread the twighlights but sadly I have no time at all to read them because then I would ignore my children either than like eating and bathing and stuff :) I hope your days brighten