Thursday, October 7, 2010

Where are the books of old? and scarves so fair?

Woooooo! today I was looking at the mounds of leaves that are piling up out on the streets, and I was like "woah! when did the season change???" because without any warning it is autumn!! how and when did that happen?? haha I only noticed a change in temperature, not the change in the plants and world around me hahaha crazy pots!

Well, iceland is interesting as ever, as I was walking home from the bus stop after going to an english class with the missionaries with a friend from work I heard a loud noise outside the parliament, and so I HAD to go look at what was going on, and there were a bunch of people hitting their big metal drums(industrial kinds) and making loud noises without their voices, interesting, It could have been an art piece. I have no idea what they were mótmæling (i think that means protesting?) but it was fun to walk through. There were coppers errwhere.

I feel like I have been slumbering for too long, as if I have just woken up! haha sometimes, (quite often, especially when I travel and transition,) I forget myself, and i go through motions.

I forget what i like to do, what I enjoy, my hobbies and pass times, my favourite colours, my favourite books, my favourite foods, even my favourite country!! haha I think i just have months of downtime, where my brain goes into auto-pilot like in Click, Wierd, and dangery, who knows where I will end up living life in such a way! maybe thats how my brain deals with such insane country jumping. hahaha

but during down times, i can have a hard time remembering what country i am in, and what house I am in, and all my memories run together and I forget where and when things happend (rather than splitting my life up by time, like saying "oh five years ago" I say "Oh, Australia" and so forth). ahaha although it is a little disconcerting, I think its fun all the same.

im a tired bunny, so i will go to sleep now.

toot zients to ya!


Maliana said...

i know the feeling! especially when you work so much and always the same, the time just slips by and all the sudden its autumn!! but dont forget your passions and favorite things!! they are so important! i love costuming but havent done it in any real degree for more than three years and guess what, its hard to get back into it! but im trying to remember the things i liked and loved, as im a lady of leisure for the moment, (sshh dont tell anyone :p)

SIDENOTE: your blog helped me remember the name of a costuming website that ive been trying to remember for the last year or so, oh the joy!! i thank you sir

MiriamR said...

Dude I too am going through the motions but the autumn weather has made me realize I LOVE autumn as it brings the happy holidays and such. Oh I LOVE the autumn and not so much the snow. A good way to jump back in is read a book you love. Perhaps I will have time one of these days to pick up a good book we will see though as the children are all screaming at once this very moment. See ya thanks for the post!