Monday, December 12, 2011

Aya Kito

There was once a girl, her name was Aya Kito, she was diagnosed with spinocerebellar degeneration at around 15, meaning the part of her nervous system(brain?) that controls movement was damaged, and getting worse, because of a neurological disease.

You may know this sort of disease, where the persons body fails them but their mind functions quite the same, basically imprisoning the person in their own body.

So anyways, this girl wrote in her diary, at first for the doctors to monitor her degeneration (they asked her to write about how she was feeling, if it was harder to do something, or falling over, that sort of stuff[maybe i am making that up, since i saw it in the drama...]), but then it became her only outlet as the disease took over her body. She wrote until she could no longer hold a writing implement.

The Diary was published in japan when she was about 23, two years before her death. I believe it is called "One Litre of Tears". I don't think it was majorly popular in english since i cant seem to find it, but it does exist. (I have read that there were 48 notebooks/diaries in all that she wrote in, so obviously the published one isnt all of it)

Because there are awesome people in the world who have the capabilities and willingness to share awesome stuff, and feel the need to share with as many people as possible, I have been able to find translations of the book online, fragments by different people, but one person felt like combining all the things in one place!!

which is Here!

So its obviously very sad, since she is very young, but its also quite amazing, and makes you appreciate what you have, what we consider simple things, like walking, or choosing to lie down on the ground and looking up at the blue sky rather than falling.

This is one book that I would LOVE to add to my library. it would be a rare wonderful treasure!! there has been a movie and a drama made out of her life, but they take liberties and its not as interesting as the actual book, since they make it more dramatically wrenching, but since it didnt actually happen that way its less interesting to me (Like the drama throws in that she played basketball, and was in love with the lead guy in the guys basketball team before she was diagnosed, but aya kito was actually uncoordinated in her younger years, so she didnt play basketball[or any sport], but she does mention it, so maybe thats why they added it in the drama...)

Anywhos, I just felt like sharing that, since i love sharing good stuff, and wanted a place to store the information hehehe

Have any awesome books to recommend? I Love books

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