Saturday, December 3, 2011

sometimes i imagine green people.

so i have a really terrible imagination, ok I have no imagination. Really. Its kinda shocking, and sad, and I really understand people who are of the same way. hhahahaha

so when i read books all the authors carefully thought out descriptions of characters and places and things, they are wasted on me. i try really hard to put all these different things together, but in the end i give up and use someone/something i have seen before (or used before hohoho). So, a lot of characters look the same in my head, kinda like how all the stuff in a lot of kpop videos are recycled hahahahaha

I don't know why, but i really just can not see things that my eyes havent seen before. so often its like "does not compute- does not compute-" with my arms and heads twitching, thats right, my multiple heads appear and twitch.

Even with houses, or paintings, or rooms, you can say "wouldnt it be great with this colour?" and in my head I just flicked through all my memories to find what i think it might look like and say "Yeah!..." or "Naahh.." and then change the subject since i dont know whats going on. especially colours. bing has really saved my brain, because there are so many colours where i just decided on what they sound like they would look like, but then i go bing it and find its much uglier, and differenter than i thought. hohoho

Just thought I should share that, so you dont ask my opinion, I can only see what I've seen, everything else not so much hohoho maybe if i try harder, but i am afraid of exploding my brain, i have tried to force images before, and it was just ugly, so I made it look like an old character i'd used before hahaha

so something awesome, when movies come out i am like "THAT DOES NOT EVEN*quickly goes and reads description*oh yeah, that looks exactly like the person..." making an "I hope no one caught on to my crazy... keke" look.

now this may sound sad or something, but it makes life interesting for sure, cuz when i find out what things are for reals, I am like WOW! THATS COOL! kekeke

Its DECEMBER! that is just wild. Christmas time is a comin! this is my favourite version of this song so far, i really like it hohoho

toodles for noodles!

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MiriamR said...

ok dude I watched this show on net flix the other day called like hollywood christmas. it was REALLY GOOD it was just about the history of christmas movies ANYWAY I believe the origins of this song were on there and it was either for a movie called holiday inn (I think that is for white christmas) or something BLARD my mind went blank. Now I want to see all these old movies that my favoirte christmas songs came from!!