Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Hunger Games

I can now officially say with conviction..


this ones gonna be big long and ugly, at first i felt better letting all my negative feelings about the book out, but then when i got to the more important reasons why i didnt like it i was reminded of how these books really weigh on my soul. I dont know why they bother me so much.. its disconcerting and i really wish I had never read these books.

so as some people may know, I have been reading the hunger games, the fanatical books that are being made into a movie. I had no intention of reading them since I had heard such horrible things about them, but after a few people told me i should give it a go, I trusted their judgment in a moment of insanity and I figured why not? so I got my hands on a set and I read them like a crazy, the way I do with any good story/book, but after finishing them I realized I wish I had not listened to those people who told me to give it a go.

my soul feels burdened by these books, I dont know why but it feels like these books have left a scarring mark on my soul. I don't understand it and I don't know why, it just makes me feel so heavy, low.

This is the song I listened to while reading these books, because it made me think of katniss and peeta

I really love this song, and peeta was my favourite guy, along with cinna

Onto the books!

this trilogy is way too "dragging of my soul into the depths of misery". I've gotta say, hunger games was a good one, and i enjoyed it (but it was still way too disturbing for me, i nearly put it down a few time because I am a soft soul... keke), but the other two books, through the first half of both i was like "WILL THIS NEVER END?!?!?!?" because it was way too boring for my whateveryouwanttocallit brain.

I feel inclined to say that I think the author did a super job in the writing department. Everything came together in the end into a nice little intricate origami piece that looked a bit crazy while it was happening, but in the end you see that its just a box, a perfect little box with all the edges folded in so you cant see any lines, except one.

Thess next bits are spoilers, sort of, but i think they are more warnings so you dont expect something that is never coming. I will make a wiggly line~~~ when the spoilers are done

I have one issue with the way the story plays out. CINNA, HELLO, that I think was a major failing, we learn absolutely nothing about him. I think everyone who reads the book should know before hand, so that they can avoid the disappointment and false hope, that you will learn nothing about cinna, except that he is a superb fashion designer and seems to grow to care for katnip. an Absolute let down considering he's one of the awesome characters. LAMELAMELAME(when you write it like that it looks a bit like my name hohoho)

I don't know, maybe I missed the super awesome tomes and chapters about him while in a sleepless stupor, but I do not recall ever reading where he came from, and why he wanted 12 and what the everything was behind the everything he did, or is the author implying he was just a shallow guy who wanted to make an awesome dint in history with his mad skills, who then came to realise that the tributes they sent into the arenas weren't just faceless creatures, but in fact were just children, terrified children who had no rights to live.

Maybe this is where she decided to leave the mystery and imagination spot, cuz in a lot of books i've read there are things that you can always wonder about, and if you look hard enough you can sometimes find the actual answer, but I felt with this book there was nothing left to wonder about in the end, like my description of the intricate origami box, in the end there were NO loose ends, everything tied together in a rather boring way after watching how it was so intricately folded, making a boring seamless box, except for this ugly gaping hole that is cinna.

One thing I did like, even though it took her all the way till about five pages left, katniss finally got some sense, and stopped being a psycho. shes a total animal survival instincts creature throughout nearly the ENTIRETY of the books, only caring about herself and the things(people) she cared about; but I thought there was something interesting about that as well, she counted Gale as family/someone she loved, but peeta and haymitch received indebted status; but it feels like in the end, she realises that she had those places mixed up, she was indebted to Gale forevs because maybe without him she wouldnt have survived, or been able to care for her family, but haymitch and peeta, because of what they go through together a bond is created which quickly turns to love all around! that was awesome.

but the change i like is that she stops concentrating on how she can save her family and the people she cares about, and how they should kill all the capitol people (she sometimes agrees with gale who is a total blind idiot psycho), and realises that they are people too. It feels like in the end she lets go of her revenge, the blood lust revenge that she holds on to throughout a lot of the books, but rather seeks justice, when shes not wallowing in suicidal thoughts.

Another thing I hate about katnip was how she never listened to Peeta, even though he was right every time(that i can recall), she always listened to everystupidbody else, if she had listened to peeta than im sure she would have avoided a lot of stupid crap, but then maybe she never would have had the chance to shoot the despicable woman.

Another thing I didnt like was how Peeta never seemed to be regarded seriously because he wasnt a bloodthirsty idiot.


I feel like these books are an accurate description of our society. in the end


when katniss agreed to send the children to the game i was like RAWOER but i really liked how she shoots the stupid woman(I fully believe the 13 people were despicable and only started to care because they were dying out) rather than the guy. I think its really sad how everyone thinks it was a bad thing, and that she had lost her mind, but she did it realising how horrible all the people were, one would think the tributes would realise what a horrible thing the games were, but they still thought that the capitol children should get a taste. Only caring about what the parents would feel, those children would be the innocent sacrifice for their bloody revenge.
I liked how katniss brings it all into perspective, how this is probably how it all went down in the first place


Something these books Really got me thinking about is something thats in the new mormon messages video

It also made me think very much about how I hope that should I ever be faced with such adversity(oppressive disgusting government/people), that my heart will not fail me! and I will not be complacent and only thinking of my own well being, That I will have the courage to do what is right!

in conclusion, I really do not like these books, and wish I had never read them. I dont feel the need to read horrible books about the disgusting horribleness of human nature to be reminded of how disgusting and horrible human beings have a tendency to be in desperate situations, and occasions they think allow it (In fact I shouldnt read such books since my opinion of human beings is actually quite low already), if i need a reminder i just remember all the homeless people in the world, and the starving people, and the rich people and the well off people, and how as human beings we feel like we cant help others because we need to help ourselves. Don't get me wrong, I am one of these people, maybe thats why i dislike it so much, it reminds me that i am one of them.


MiriamR said...

Everyone tells me to read these books but I just haven't. If they are depressing then I will skip them, I don't like depressing books, I like happy endings, happy beginnings and happy middles.
I find I dislike looking at reviews for movies and books because they aren't considered good unless people are murdered raped manipulated and all the other stuff and that is the ugly side of people that I don't really want to zoom in on and bask in its ugly light. SO yeah I don't want to read these books now. Thanks for the honest review, it sounds like its about communist vampire cats. HA HA. Now go read pride and prejudice or narnia.

MiriamR said...

However I hate watching the evening news so maybe I am not a good judge of life

meleofa said...

Definitely go read something nice and happy and uplifting now! And also, Cinna was part of the resistance, my friend. He was constantly, but subtly, pointing Katniss in the direction of resistance. You know the whole mockingjay pin, and such. But they really don't say a lot about him.

A lot of the people she was involved with were resistance folks. She didn't want anything to do with anyone. She didn't want to be the hero, the person everyone looked to, etc.

I still liked the books because, for me, it also showed how strong we can be when it seems nothing can ever be right again. I cry whenever I see the preview for the movie because it shows the part where the little sister gets her name drawn, and Katniss goes in her place. boo hoo. Anyway. Really, now go read something so fun, like HOwl's moving castle!

Hera said...

If you start reading a book and it makes you feel uncomfortable stop reading it. I have stopped reading a few books because of the bad feeling it gives me. Listen more to yourself than others when it comes to making decisions in life. Love always mamma