Saturday, March 10, 2012


So I recently joined the hordes of people pinning things to their cyber cork boards (maybe it's not so recent...), only to find that Pinterest is an underhanded fellow who covers all their bases, making sure that should anyone sue them for using their work (which they assume rights for as soon as it is pinned to their site), all the blame will go to the pinner, and the pinner will have to Pay for ALL of their legal fees (they being pinterest). Not only that, but pinterest will sue you for pinning something you didnt have rights to.

This just makes me so angry because it screams lazy A-Hole, who rather than doing useful things with their talents, or trying to help mankind/make something useful/fun/interesting for people to use, They lazily take liberties with other peoples work/ideas and then make sure they can sue innocent(I'd allow ignorant too, people, myself included, hardly ever read the fine print..) people (and blame them too), should anyone ever get angry that they saw their work on something they had not part of, and someone was getting paid for it.

Underhanded and disgusting to me, thats what this is. this is all in the terms of Use that everyone ticks in order to join. These things were brought to my attention by this Article. I continued on with This article, and am now disgusted by the laziness of it all. What annoys me even more is that pinterest does not allow for a default pin that is special, of no significance, so there is no way for you to legally pin something without first asking the owners permission, makes it seem like this website just wants easy access to beautiful things and an easy way to get out of trouble for using them.

What annoys me EVEN MORE is the idea that apparently it's not .. right? ethical? morally clean? I am not sure of the right word, but apparently (maybe this is something from the early days..?) pinning your own work/stuff is frowned upon, or something you shouldnt do. That is the greatest BS of all, since your own stuff is the stuff you are most likely to have all legalness of. Its all just so infuriating. So I am going to Delete my pinterest account, delete all the pins one by one, then the boards, then the account. I want no part of an underhanded shady website that shirks as much responsibility as it can onto its users shoulders and adds a bit more. I also hate the idea that if they wanted they could use the things I Love and admire any way they pleased without paying for it, that was never my intention by joining the site. My original intention was what my about me said on the site:

"arms and legs, I like lists, this seems like a nice place to make a nice list. I am always in need of some way to store my internet awesomes, so i hope to make good use of this place."

I Like lists, and the idea of being able to store lists of things I Loved/Liked/thought intriguing in one place on the internet was Wonderful! but I would rather not encourage such despicable behaviour, it is not a nice place at all. It made me come up with the Idea of blogging the things I pinned, instead of boards I will make special, specific blogs, and since I read in the article that you can use things without permission in certain ways without breaking copyright laws, that it should be okay. Now I guess I will have to go read the Terms of Use for blogspot... poo.

This in no way effects my opinion of people who use pinterest, (I might think they are a bit more daring than myself (>_<) ) I think no less of anyone for using it. I just dont feel comfortable with the idea of helping poo heads steal things, especially from things I Love.

On a weird/funny note, the other day I was totally Brawling with L (M asked what the hack was going on because it sounded like an earthquake/hurricane/burgler was breaking the house) because she was downloading a song by my FAVOURITE artist, and I had specifically told her I would not have her downloading it and that she would have to buy it if we are to be in the presence of each other, so we physically brawled. It was the most fun I'd had since I was a kid!! it was so fun, but it made me wonder if humans naturally have some sort of (..ok just me) desire for confrontation, in whatever way shape or form, I like physically fighting (apparently, but I am totally disgusted by boxing and any sort of fighting "sport", or barbarism), but it was just so weird to me, I cant stomach watching a fight, but I enjoy being in one.. I think it was more what I was fighting for, I Like fighting if it is defending something I find worth while. huhuhuh I explain away my disturbing traits.. *_*

Peace Out Homes! Sorry for the rant, but I am just so displeased with pinterest right now.

So over the next few days I will be deleting my pins and boards and account. This has been my review of pinterest.

Toodles for Noodles!!

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