Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And We knew

WOWOWOW I am so proud of me! hahahah I feel so accomplished at having posts in 2008 AND 2009, and now 2010. I only feel this way because I didn't realise I was posting in 2008 HAHA

creepily you can see how I have changed over these little years, from a funny entertaining fellow(hahaha I am bold, I know) into a serious quite depressed seeming fellow that thinks WAY too much and should do more.

Today(this may seem morbid/gross/creepy/weird, but I think its FREAKIN AWESOME, and sad... and scary hahah) i was picking at my teeth (as I am too often wont to do), and for the past few days (is it passed or past???) I have been wiggling something in one of my molars, and trying to maneuver it out, because it was between the two but loose, I thought it was filling, mine are always coming out, and my teeth are really bad, (I don't know miriam, I think I might be able to win the crapppy teeth trophy, then again, I really don't know hahahaha) so this morning I was reading a book called "when my name was Keoko" (I am doing some study/research on Korea) and I finally got the thing in my teeth to come out!

When I was little I enjoyed picking my scabs off, I don't know, I was a little freak and for some reason felt accomplished when I could successfully pick a scab without ripping any new flesh off... and various other things that are too disturbing to share with the world...
so that was a little story to explain my enjoyment of the teeth picking... uhm....

ANyways, So I carefully get it out of my mouth so I don't swallow it, and so I can see what it is. LO AND BEHOLD! instead of the filling that I thought it would be its something else... A PIECE OF MEAT! hahah I kid, it was a piece of tooth, My tooth, a very big piece (or so it feels, I can feel it, its gone!). I went to get a little zip lock baggie and I put my tooth piece in it, because I want to save it! I also put it back in my mouth and stuck it to my tooth to see if it really was from there, and it fit like a puzzle piece hahaha.

So I went to go look in the mirror, and sure enough the corner of my molar was gone. You see, that particular tooth was basically a filling, the corners of the tooth were still there but the centre was all filled in. that's how a lot of my back teeth are.

I HATE MY TEETH! SO MUCH! THEY SUCK! but I guess its my own fault, I should have cared for them better.. I hate my teeth so much It makes me want to cry; I guess I should say the condition of my teeth rather than my teeth. that's why I said it was awesome and scary and sad. I am weird so I thought it was cool (hahah the more I think about it, ITS NOT COOL AT ALL hahahah), but as i thought about it I realised i am gonna be one of those toothless people, that makes me sad, and then its scary because I DON'T WANT TO LOSE MY TEETH!!!!!!

but anyways, so I think the tooth piece came off because its rotten, my teeth are all rotting, at least with that piece gone the dentist will be able to get to the tooth behind... hahaha

oh crap, I think I remember the dentist in England telling me something about the corners of the teeth being needed

SPIRAL OF DESPAIR!!!! (like an anime character)

without the corners they cant fill the tooth to make it a pretend molar, so now its just gonna slowly rot away all of my teeth one by excruciating one, and I am gonna die like an Elephant!

Elephants have a set amount of teeth that grow during their lifetime (abt 24 and only four are in their mouth at a time), the teeth move from the back towards the front as time passes and fall out as they are worn down. When the last teeth fall out the elephant dies of starvation because they cant chew anymore.


how very distressing

maybe I can go to a hockey players dentist and have some teeth screwed in... *tears*


meleofa said...

If you get all new teeth, maybe they won't be subject to the problems of your old teeth. :) Teeth problems suck. I didn't realize I was constantly in mouth pain, until I got my wisdom teeth taken out, and then there was no pain at all! It was quite shocking! I hope your teeth don't rot away. Good luck with getting your teeth into good shape. It's amazing what they can do these days.

MiriamR said...

If you have good dental in Canada I would go get all my teeth fixed. I have been getting mine done. It wasn't as bad as I though just one route canal. The only problem with the tooth that chipped is that it will later on become infected probably and then you will nneed a route canal and a cap! Uhhh I hate teeth too.