Sunday, March 14, 2010

daylight savings times

Last night I had a dream that Miriam and Daniel were living on the border of Canada and the US, near a river, not small, but not terribly big. There were big storms and commotions on the way, and all the Americans were, like, Povo (an aussie slag word for ... shortening of poverty, implying someone who has no money and probably isnt clean because they cant afford a shower, but povo is icky and an insult) but miriam and daniel weren't. So me and mamma and henry and lete and dad were on the american side of the river visiting miriam and daniel and we were all trying to get over to the canadian side, like wading through the river. There was a little girl that was miriam and daniels, she looked like eva but she wasnt eva, she was like my little companion, telling me about how things go and what not, she was funny, not in the haha or clumsy sense, just how serious she was hahahaha. so we all go through the river and climb up the big river bank, its like a refugee scene, we are all shabby looking and wet and struggling to get through hardships hahaha. its raining profusely. We all then change our canadian monies over to american, since we are on the canadian side of the border(thats how it worked in the dream). We find ourselves in a bank place, where there are many people being frantic and end of the world-y. we canadians find ourselves these automated money changer machines, like atms but for changing monies into foreign currency. I put in my 32 Cdollars and it starts to changing my money into american and it says 56 dollars. The machine than flashes that there is some sort of scam going on and the machines steal money, and that if i think this has happened i should push the button for assistance. I figure Might as well, so I push the button. this jolly fellow comes over, he looks like a stereotypical english butler type, and says "ah yes, let me just.." click click click ".. because of the *something i dont rmember* the machines arent giving the correct amount, there you go" and he shows me the machine and it says $562.34. I am like WOOOWWW, because it looks like a lot, especially fr the amount i put in. thinking logically now the only way the money would mean anything is if the canadian dollar were like, better than that dinar henry told me about, but he said that something else is better now hmm, Anyways, in the dream it was a lot irregardless of how inflation it seemed. After we change our money we start to make our way back over to the american side and we are over there and that is the end of my recollections.

I sleep Really well here, I LOVE IT! i sleep so well I am back to my normal sleeping habits, the kind where I wake up early(ier) and sleep early(for me hahaha 11 12 hahaha) and I Dream, dream well; dreaming is something that i havent done for YEARS! or remembering them hahahhaha i like remembering my dreams. the other day I had a dream where I was following a friend around somewhere for the day, and then all of the sudden they were at this concert, and it was a BIGBANG CONCERT!!! when I found out it was BIGBANG! they were just coming off stage and my friend was like "yeah this is-" but my brain did that BEEEEEEEEE white noise thing and I was just staring and totally open mouthed, and seungri (member of bigbang) was staring at me and wondering if there was something wrong with me hahahaha Great Times!

today i went to melisas future ward, and its a partial spanish speaking ward! hahaha cool, I have never been in a partial ward before. I say partial because its like it was in Iceland, how the missionaries translated for the english speakers, ya dig? the missionaries translate into spanish, COOOOL. Well, I assume its melisas ward because its the sanford ward, and that is where melisa lives, but you never know, she might be in the other ward. WELL

goodbye for nau!


春天來嚕 said...
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MiriamR said...

Do you understand all those characters on the other comment? I had a dream that I was coming back from Canada. I was visiting there with you guys and then I was supposed to hitch hike all the way home. My luggage had been sent to my house and my passport was in it and then they just let me through anyway and it was the end of the world too. People were frantically walking and hitch hiking everywhere and there was a flooding river and there were snacks and it was scary. The end. :) I didn't eralise you were still in NC how long are you going to be there?

MoBo said...

nauts, skil ekki ord, I held its chinese en eg er samt ekki vis ho ho ho


eg er her til thritugasta