Sunday, March 28, 2010


heheheheheh We just finished watching new moon, and it was my favourite book, and I think it will be my favourite movie, GOOD STUFF!

hahahah anywho, On my favourite dictionary website there is this bunches of lists of top ten whatevers, and my favourite for since I saw it is the top ten odd phobias (if you couldnt tell hoohoohoo) and I just read one (every now and again i go to and look at the phobia list, reading them one at a time, dragging out the entertainment, because in reality I cant be bothered to read them all at once HAHA) and it makes me laugh a lot because its funny looking, Have you ever seen it before??


HAHAHHAHAHAH it may have been on the simpsons, I never paid that much attention, that one episode where the school psychologist tells marge that bart is getting F's on purpose.. ANywho, its meaning!

An Abnormal fear of Failure

hahahahah did you even think it a little bit? if so you are one clever cloggs that is very clever! well Done!

the excellent site of merriamwebster also does this thing where it explains the etymology of a word (these top ten lists and the newsletters do, but if you just look up a word it wont, I dont think, it will just tell you Where its from, but the newsletter tells you what the words mean and all tht jazz, cool beans), kakorrhaphia is Greek for clever or devious plot or plan, derived from kakos, meaning bad or evil. Oddly enough the word cacophony shares the same roots! I would have connected the word because of the sounds, but the meanings are interesting.. ANYWHO!

laters haters (hoohoohoo)

p.s. If you are feeling bored go to google and type in "find chuck norris" than click "I'm feeling lucky" and read carefully what google tells you HAHAHA Great times! I was shaking with creeped outness(fear hahahah) for a time


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hahahaha I totally googled find chuck norris. that was the greatest ever.

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Judge not a book by its cover.......................................................