Monday, March 15, 2010

what a sociophobe

hahaha I was just looking up a word I came across in my Big Bang readings and I AM A SOCIOPHOBE! sort of.

I found this and it was interesting. its a slide show about what a phobia is and some categories that most phobias fall under, as well as the symptoms, causes and possible cures.. blabla They say acraphobia is a Phobia! WHAT THE HECK! falling off a tall height is not an IRRATIONAL FEAR! i have a fear of heights, not all heights, just most hahaha. ya see, the thing is, when I am at a very tall height my brain doesnt like it so it gets dizzy and then I become afraid of dizzying off the height, Ya dig? i dont think its a phobia at all, ITS A REAL FEAR! i also have a fear of losing my glasses as i hang over an edge, like in the ocean, or a tall building, or a lake, or a ride(but they tell you to take your glasses off usually haha), or a car.

I am a complete sociophobe hahaha it explains all of my freak outs, that I have, for no reason, when in a crowded area, yep. hahahaha

oh my gosh this is fun, you should all try it! naming your phobias! I have always wanted to do it because my phobias are weird and unheard of (to me hahaha) and slightly innumerable. This is one that I have had since forever, and recently it has subsided, but that might just be an "out of sight out of mind" thing: Apeirophobia, its the fear of infinity, I think thats what it would be. when I was younger I was terrified of the sky/space and the ocean, because they went on for ever and ever. It was so bad that once I had to close my eyes and I knelt down and dug my fingers into the grass to hold on so I wouldnt fall off (the earth, into space) HAHAHA. I'd often turn away from the ocean or avoid looking up for too long.

To be perfectly honest thats the only REAL Phobia that i've ever had, in the sense that just thinking about it made my breathing quicken and my muscles tense. I avoided thinking about them and when I did I'd have to close my eyes and calm down as well as distract my thoughts.

my cow/butterfly/any other fear that i had/have only freak me out when I am presented with them, so if there were a cow in front of me I'd scream and run, (not really i'd just shake in my boots too petrified to move, losing all strength in my muscles and starting to shake then a possible faint) but if you were to talk about a cow, show me a picture of a cow or me thinking about a cow, It wouldnt do anything. its the same with heights and butterflies(sort of butterflies, they are bugs so they are gross), i can look at a picture(not butterflies) and be fine, but if you put me on the pinnacle, or in the butterfly house, I will be shaking in my boots, and bemoaning my life hahaha.

there is one more thing i'd like to mention, I do have another phobia, i dont know what it would be called, or ever how to describe it... hmmm I'll do my best! I cant look at or think of it, without becoming nauseous or disgusted, uhm.. like caviar, a bunch of little circles all together, or insect eggs, or little round insects in herds, or wallpaper/pictures of many circles bunched together. its really hard to describe, because marbles dont bother me, and the white styrofoam balls dont bother me, and polka dots dont bother me. I cant talk about it anymore, I am getting really sick thinking about it

anywho on a more pleasant note

its abandoned but I have a

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MiriamR said...

Here are my phobias or fears: holding ice on my skin, only if its dry I can totally pick it up if its already wet and melting as long as I know it won't refreeze, then biting on metal spoons or forks YUCK it makes me queezy just thinking about it. (I can't eat icecream with a metal fork either always plastic unless its all melted icecream and won't refreeze on my spoon) then I have a true phobia of cotton in my mouth. Like someone biting on a towel makes me feel like throwing up or putting cotton balls in your mouth eww yuck. I believe I have a phobia of snakes. I can't watch them on tv or think about them. There are always snakes in my dreams. Last night in my dream about hitchhiking there were thousands of snakes on the river bank waiting to get me and I couldn't cross that is generally where my dreams end with the snakes popping out of the ground stopping me from moving further.