Sunday, March 6, 2011

It is done.

IT IS OFFICIAL!!! I HAVE A TICKET TO GERMANY!!! for the 25th of April. my flight is around 14:44. That's a Monday.

ITS BOUGHT! I can nearly not believe it.

as I was sky ping with Mamma and maliana and eyþór for ticket buying purposes, I nearly had a complete keel over.

So Maliana and Eyþór have Icelandic bank accounts, and Credit cards, and it is easy to transfer things. So They were buying my tickets for me. and they were on the websites, and we were all searching for tickets.

As I searched I looked at the prices. What i saw was 189.00

in my bank account (at the time) I had 205.000 isk. My eyes were seeing 189.000. I had a complete panic attack, thinking i would be stuck in Iceland and my calculations were HORRIBLY WRONG AND OFF¨¨!

I start to quickly alter my plans, leaving earlier, cutting side trips (to germanland, anywhere in the US), Everything I can! but that didn't seem to change ANYTHING!! HOW COULD I HAVE MADE SUCH A FATAL MISCALCULATION!!??!?

just as I was about to tell everyone everything is off and I was going to off myself in the ocean I notice that the money is in GBP.

My mini heart attack had left me disheveled and laughing like a maniac. I tell everyone of my hilariously silly mistake. and then my body goes into mini shock. I am shaking and panicky hahahahah

so that's my excitement for a lifetime. JOKES!! but yeah, im leaving Iceland.

I haven't told everyone. I've told the Branch President, my visiting teachers (crap, I should tell my home teachers...) and I think that's all...... so I've told Ólafur and Unnur. HAHAHA

Oh Iceland, How I Love thee!

But I think I will be telling people tomorrow¨! because, I posted that I hate packing! AS WELL AS flight planning! gos! I really do. anyways, I posted that and people were like (like minutes later!) Where are you going? are you going places? where are you going places? ( no joke, complete quoting. ok not really, but I'm pretty sure its accurate.)

I think there will be many weddings in Iceland this Year!! unless people are pansy pants. which they might very well be.

But yes. that's all about it from me. Markús is being blessed tomorrow¨! cute kid. and I was invited to the eating!! wahoo! I love food!! ahhahah but only in good company, which hopefully it will be :D

Love from Iceland!

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MiriamR said...

THats exciting! But now you must learn German!! Take lots of pictures of all the cool sites. Another Melanie adventure to look forward to. Yeah I saw all the facebook comments. Oh how Iceland can be a suck you in kind of place.