Saturday, June 25, 2011

Darling, Dearest, Dead

Great Song!! I was watching a Cinderella story and this song started playing and I was like "Great Song! Weird Movie....." and so I went to find the song on youtube, and didnt find any videos i liked, so I just got this live one. Then I looked at facebook and lete had posted this weird video that she thinks is daebak, and so I went to see if the people in the video were the psycho ab group (Jokers Ball...?) and saw that one of the more popular articles in this particular Kpop blog was one on Daesung! with over six thousand comments and the news was from that day! My (tied with TOP for first) favourite Big Bang Member!

He was recently in an accident that resulted in a fatality. I am very sad, his life is basically over. Its really sad because he is the one that has to work the hardest! because people think he's ugly, so he has to be funny and happy and talented. I feel very sad for him, because its such a horrible thing to live with.

Im so sad Im so sad. And Everyperson is being stupid about it, the fans are all mleh mleh mleh and the not fans are all "GO KILL YOURSELF!" just kidding, but I am sure thats what the netizens and anti-fans are saying! I just Want him to Not Kill himself, and for him to take a walk and meet two handsome young men, one of them foreign, bringing a message of glad tidings and redemption, and that he can find peace and happiness.


in other news, I am learning Korean! online, its totally awesome. I hope daesung comes to Iceland for some rejuvenisation, and I can help him feel better. Poor Kid. Sure I think the family of the victim is sympathy worthy, but I don't know how I would feel in their situation, and I have a hard time sympathizing situations I can't comprehend. I'm a Robot.

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