Monday, June 20, 2011

Skating and Sinning no Doubt

Iceland is so Depressing! haha no its not, I jsut dont have good experiences with it hahaha but maybe thats just because I am picky and have expectations that are always too high.

people are so weird, whenever I introduce a new friend they always ask how i know them haha so strange!

On to other random things, Why is the human body so fragile?? I dropped something on my foot the other day and I was like "ow ow ow it hurts", but then I got over it, but hten yesterday I was looking at my toe and noticed that it was all HUGE AND BLACK LIKE?!?!??!? not really, but it was bruised under the nail, and looks like its gonna fall off or something, its a bit sensitive but only when I press on it haha. But then on saturday I was cutting cheese slices with a grater (four sides, one makes sandwich slice types) and went "*Slice* there goes my skin, oops" it was gross, my right index on the second knuckle.. or is it first... Anyways, it bled a lot, and then now its infected like and swollen like and bending my finger the wrong way! (ok, so my finger was probably bending before this happened.. keke)

and then the frailness of the balancing, if you are not well mentally you will probably start showing physical symptoms.. such a frail frail thing! kids are smart, throw your body around while you can! hahaha

so anyways, in keeping with the randomness, here is the end of a movie I watched the other day (its graphic, the woman gets hit by a car in the beginning of this video, that is the end..) I thought the end was really awesome.

Its a tragromcom as all korean romcoms are. Its like Last holiday(this ones from 2004 thank you very much), except he doesnt go on a holiday, he just spends his time wondering what he should do with his time... hahaha but in the trailer it talks about a stalker and... yeah. Anyways the movie is called "someone special" because thats her aspiration.

Anywhos I thought the end was kinda really poignant, because he finally realised what he wanted to do with his last moments (be happy with this new found love than die happy, having found love, because he spent his whole life thinking he was in love with the person(different relationships) and then they said "this isnt working" so he always thought after that that it wasnt love, but infatuation and that he was always just deluding himself (I Agree with this ideology))

So he was doing that, throwing his career away to do something for the person he loved. Then the doctor called and said "... uhm, you just pick your nose too much". and so he rages and goes crazy at the doctor and the hospital (totally awesome how it doesnt go aww i am so happy and can live on forever now") and then goes.. soju-ing (as they always do kekeke) and then this scene happens.

This womans been a part of the movie the whole time, but not really, shes a character thats been there from early on, but she isnt a part of the story,, So She murdered the guy she "loved" and said she was going to kill herself too, but the police were looking for her for murder.

He was raging about how he had planned it all, fell in love, threw his career away and then was now ready to die, but the doctor was wrong. and then this end happens, he meets the chick who had the same plan as him, love and die... sort of I guess.. but its really great.

hahaha I really like it! I love the way Korean movies do things, Hallyuwood(I may have just made that up right now) is as outrageous with storylines and drama as Bollywood is with singing and dancing at random times, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!

so to make it nicer, He realizes that just because things didnt go the way he had wanted them to, or planned them to, Doesnt mean its crappy, but in fact, it is a lot better than he had planned, because now he gets to live and be happy with the one he loves rather than die happy... uhm... yeah...

cool movies heheh

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