Wednesday, June 15, 2011

~~Misterí Misterí ~~

woowooowoo! I haven't blogged in a ... I'd like to say week, but I don't really know how long. It's been a week (and some days) since I have wanted to post something, But I didn't! because I wanted to surprise Iceland! but. that didnt work, those nosy bums. hahaha jokes. So I am in Iceland! being an emergency nanny! or.. more than a nanny, I am the main care giver! pretty interesting stuff.

Let me tell you a secret. I don't like people. Maybe that's not a secret... But let me tell you another secret! I don't like children. Maybe that isn't a secret either... I don't like animals either. I dont like creatures that require attention, because I am Lazy and selfish, so I don't like the idea of putting effort into others hahaha. Oh what a Devilry I am! but I figure a lot of my life has been Heavenly Father Punishing me for my misdeeds (or thoughts hahah), that's how I enjoy seeing it kekeke.

hahaha I am such a sinner, the previous paragraph makes me laugh a lot. BUT I know that in reality my life is just a bunch of learning experiences, but to people with closed eyes learning experiences are just useless punishments, but I don't want to learn these lessons yet, so I will just continue to ....hahaha

Being here I have come to realize it would ABSOLUTELY suck to be a single mother, and I really feel for all of them, how do they do it?? geee, see I am watching the kids, cleaning the house, cooking and all that house hold stuffs, I am not even working, but I think its hard enough as is! haha Mothers are amazing!

But I don't think it would be hard or unpleasant to do with an other! I figure that is what Heavenly Father is trying to show me. Ya see, I've not particularly had the desire to get married hahaha So I think Heavenly Father is trying to get me to see the awesomeness of it all so that I will have more a desire to do that all, since not having a desire to do something means you probs won't do it hahah

Anywhos, I really Love Korea! it makes me happy haha its inspiring to me! all my weirdness for Korea... But thinking and watching and listening, it makes me want to Do stuff! Korea is like, My Muse! hahahahaha

GEe I bore myself, so sorry.

Anywho I'm going to leave you with Two Songs!!! the first is the first korean song I ever Heard! I didnt know it was korean, at the time I only knew of the countries China and Japan, I had no idea there was a place called Korea, and that Asia was a Huge continent with lots of countries (dude, thats what happens when you move around a lot as a young un, your education get fractured and .. you think you make excuses like this keke)

I'm not going to mention the year... its a bit embarrassing.... Buts its totally awesome! the Artist (sometimes group) is Drunken Tiger, the song 8:45 its a song he wrote for his grandmother, after she died. thats the time she died. This guys real cool!

And then this is a fun song! hahaha the video makes me laugh because all the guys want the chicks that want the guys next to them haha and its a fun song too! I am making these little ones love kpop and stuff kekeke


Melanie in Iceland (again?!!?Æ"Ð''"#PL?ÐÆ'Þ;L=)Ö)/)

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