Monday, June 27, 2011

Life isnt all that tough, we just have to make the most of what little we do have

This is a song G-Dragon made for VIP's!!! (VIP's is what Big Bang fans are called)a couple years after their Debut, it was a special secret surprise, and played during the credits on their concert DVD hahaha AWesome! makes me happy, as most all things Big Bang do!!

I was super diligent this morning. I cleaned. Intense.

I can't help but feel that Iceland makes outrageous demands on me. Bloody Country. When I was here last time a similar thing happened, something that has nothing to do with me is all of the sudden my responsibility. Bloody Country. Its all about timing and associations. If I didnt associate with these people they would not feel so at ease demanding stupid things that have nothing to do with me of me.... Maybe I'm to doormaty. Stupid people. They dont know me, they dont know me, so shut up them so shut them ahahahha

Anyways, Its always good preparation for the future, JUST KNOW WOMAN, I WILL NOT DO THIS AGAIN!

I dont think the internet is any place for details. cleaning. Ok Ima explain since I dont want no misunderstandings ahhahahaah so the landlady came and was like "oh what needs fixing" as if she doesnt know (the real tenants have been asking her to fix things for over a Year now), and so I show her and shes like "oh ok, well when is best for you to do all the fixing" and so I explain that the older girls are flying away today, and the younger girls are at preschool from morning til 4 so she says "oh lets do it on monday then, we'll fix this and that and that, and we'll take pictures because im selling the place, so can you clean up a little? i know there are little children but people really do judge places by their pictures" rrrrrrrrrrrrr there were toys all over cuz thats what children do, and living marks everywhere, so i was like fair enough lady *strangling motions*Nah Jokes! hahaha

So I cleaned during all my free time, since there was a wedding reception to be attended on saturday. the woman really annoyed me, she seemed too condescending for my liking. What annoyed me was that she asked what I do all day, and if I was working and if I was bettys sister or the girls cousin. I was like Woman, what the heck does that concern you? you mofo. YEAH EYÞÓR, THATS RIGHT! thats how much I didnt like the woman.

she also requested that the toilet be emptied of its water since it leaks and shes going to fix it and would like for it to be dry. so im like ok. I do it all cuz Im awesome, BUT SHE HASNT EVEN SHOWED, its three o clock and the girls are picked up at 4. hmmm lady, If you dont come today, TO BAD FOR YOU, bastana.

ok so that was a rant..

YG 282,426,610

Big Bang 99,849,842

Those are their Youtube channel upload views!!! AWESOME RIGHT?!? hehe makes me chuckle!

im going to go listen to some big bang to make me happy! aahahahahah korean times is going fun! I am going to have a class with maliana tomorrow!! wahoo! and uhm.......... i better go eat food since im feeling faint hahahaah toolooo sorry doooo


MiriamR said...

Dude that lady is a MORON. I really dislike landlords because they are LAME. You don't have to clean if you don't want to. You are not selling your house, she just has to deal with it. and EMPTY THE TOILET WATER are you kidding. Oh and tell her "None of your business lady" She isn't allowed to asked personal questions! I DISLIKE strangers who think they are allowed to ask you questions about your life who the $&*(# sorry but I had a psycho land landy who was really old and tried to blame us for all the broken crap in teh apartment and she came in the house when we were gone ILLEGAL!

MoBo said...

dude after reading your comment I was like "WELL DUH!" hahaha silly me, I know for next time! at least the house is amazingly clean kekeke

Maliana said...

arg people are sucky jerks! that lady was out of line and awful rrrrr

what a shirker! just trying to get out of her job e.i. cleaning her own dang apartment if she wants to sell it and take her own dang pictures when its empty.

arg so many things! but if i write them all it will be hugely large and ill get all aflustered! im just glad we dont have to deal with anything like that, we just tell a dude and he deals with the landperson, oops, was huge anyways

Hera said...

It's all a learning process in life knowing you have rights and do not have to take abuse from anyone.