Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shocking Really

I am so full of Rage right now, its quite shocking. Nothing is doing what I want it to, that's very impatient of me, and bratty, but what can I say? I have a terrible temper. I'm so angry my throat has that angry feeling where I cant talk because I'm so angry. The Internet explorer is about to screw up and the computer is retarded. This is the second day of my angry rage, I don't know why I am so full of rage, I cant pin point the cause, which is strange. I guess it might be something to do with my very tiredness on Saturday that resulted in the loss of my licence and swipe card, and for the life of me i cant find them, that frustrates me so, dangerous anger. I'm so angry I could Swear, the silly ones like damn bastard hell hehe, still angry. I wish people would be more helpful. I'm so angry, and its dangerous because its a rational kind of anger, meaning I can be Really evil and level headed at the same time, the ultimate evil . Well Maliana informed me (through various means haha) Of a KOREAN ARTist! he plays awesome piano's I'm going to ask all my Korean friends if they know of him, that would be cool if they did, I am going to buy his CD, its the awesome Bella's Should be lullaby, they should have asked him to make one haha, that would have been super awesome, Bella's lullaby really sucked, unbelievably so, I was very disappointed, but more unbelieving disbelief, it was so shocking how it sucked so bad, it was supposed to sound impossibly complicated and such, it sounds like you could play the Whole song with one hand, but anyway. So I am full of rage and now must go to work, the rage is slightly dulled into an emotionless flat, a dull unfeeling feeling, need to buy some of that music


meleofa said...

that sucks, the kind of rage you choke on. no fun. i think that music might be helpful. :) i hate losing things like that too! so aggravating, because they have to be somewhere, and yet you can't find that somewhere. i'm glad you liked the video. more to come. hehe.

MiriamR said...

daniel loses his wallet at least threer times a day so we go through that rage alot. I liked the lullaby. I mean it wasn't what I wanted but its an ok song. I was hoping more for a different sound. Merry Christmas even though it doesn't feel like christmas at all anywhere in the world. Poop