Wednesday, December 3, 2008

watching Eragon

Melanie And Henry at the Beach
Now! with Marshy commentary!
(she gets distracted huh?? HJAHAHAHA)

WE WENT TO ThE BEACH TODAY! we only went because its my week off and i wanted to go to the beach, so I said lets go to the beach, then lete invited our little hombre Toni, so it was me lete henry and toni! we drove to the gold coast then found a random beach. We only went because we thought it would be raining and so no people, but the sky was BLUE as! with no clouds anywhere! so we went anyway and weren't cold, but there were some people there. Then me and henry went to the Water to see what was the haps there and this is what lete did, I mean she recorded our adventure to the water, but she only came like a HALF HOUR later, what a slow mofo hey?? hahah i like the simultanious Jumping, Well thats all for now, I am off to .. watch Eragon!!1 YEH!


MiriamR said...

I admit henry running at the camera was a little bit scary. But great though

Maliana said...

babahah two things i love henry's i'm-not-a-gay prance at the beginning and then melanie's "oh we's runnin now?" at the end habbahabhabhaha