Friday, December 26, 2008

Mr. Gecko, You have Friends!

So There's a Mr. Gecko living on our screen door, and he always falls off at night to scare the crap out of wuss faces such as myself [HAHA I ent ashamed! by the by, if its found in these square brackets, its an aside of mine, HarHarHar commenting on my own thoughts]. So I was noticing the door was gaping open [it was about 12 am] and decided to go and see if my daddy was still out there, because I didn't hear a car leave, but I didn't think I noticed him come inside, and as I walk out Mr. Gecko drops at my feet and scares me, then I see three other gecko's climbing up the wall; Mr. Gecko Has Friends!

So today I went to the movies ALL DAY!!!! it was rather fun and exciting [minus the exciting, except for the rushing to get good seats, Mowing people down is one of the few things i live for (JUST KIDDING~!)] So We [the three youngest children] were to go to the movies at 9 a.m. ish, but at 8:30 a.m. ish [my alarm time for Every single day of the week, Ya!] I wanted to sleep an hour or two more, it was after all a holiday, and I hate to wake up early when I don't have to work hahaha. At 10 a.m. ish Toni Rocks up [our little homie G] and we all take about an hour to get ready, So we catch the 12.25 p.m. "The Day The Earth Stood Still" in cinema number FIVE[the largest screen in all of QLD]. After that movie we catch the 2.30[ish] p.m. Bedtime stories in Number FIVE AGAIn! our lucky day. The movie theatre has a free parking for patrons if you see a movie, but that is only valid for four hours, so I asked if it would be alright to watch the two movie and be good, the chick said ya sure but LEAVE STRAIGHT AWAY! so I go BOOya! and we watch that movie. Not wanting to push my luck I go validate my parking and park my car in another place across the road, [fideen dola fo 0-4 hour] Henry being my padna, and Lete and Toni getting the tickets.

Let me back track-

When bedtime stories finished me and Toni were quickly running out the seats and down the stairs to get out and validate the parking and get more movie tickets, with Lete close behind, but Henry being the weirdie he is goes out The other Way [we sat in the middle] and Up the Stairs to exit the cinema. Lete, Toni and Myself all comment on the weirdies behaviour and continue, not noticing that Lete walked back to get [or maybe she was just joining] the Weirdie, when we notice we wait a few moments and then think GEEZA LOU! what a hay! then we walk out and stand in line to validate parking so we can move car! We [Toni and I] see the two weirdies at the top of the stairs waiving frantically like crazy loons, so we start waiving like crazy loons back, telling them to get their hurry on butts down there! to get tickets! and then I notice what they are crazy Waiving, ITS THE MOVIE! Twilight was showing at 5 pm in a random little salur(isk) and there were only a FEW TICKETS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!! so I start frantiking even more for them to hurry, I give Toni my wallet and send her over to Lete and Henry, and wave for Henry to hurry to me so we can move the car!!!!! so I run out with Henry [parking validation complete] hoping Lete and Toni gets tha tickets! and I drive out with Henry, I then do a lap around the block just to make sure they got tickets, but I see [on a sign at the parking that is located across the street] that Twilight is SOLD OUT! so as I drive by the theatre again I see Lete and Toni crossing the road. Fearing the worst I slow and say You got tickets!? and they reply ya! and we all celebrate.

on track~!

I then park my car and me and Henry run back to the movies! we run up the steps and to the salur(isk) and jump in some seats near the front [but its okay because its a small screen so not really any difference where you sit in the Theatre]. We then relax to enjoy Twilight for the third time [shameful I know, but I gats ta make the dough to watch it hmmm??]. What a larverly day! I liked all the movies, Jasper the most [MAHAHAHAH] but Emmett is Super too!

So the Point, After watching The Day the Earth Stood Still I realized something, the Human Race is like Kath and Heathcliffe [I think thats they names, and I know nothing of the book, haven't read it yet, still looking for it after the move hahaha, but My knowledge is from Twilight, *BOOYAH!* I'll read it and be more accurate later. now, I be recklEsS] It is poo poo and disgusting, and should DIE, and not Be at all. But, It has another side to it [that's from the day the earth stood still, not Wuthering Heights]. Its only [imo] Redeeming Quality is Love [like Bella Saysd about the revolting couple], a Very heavy price, but it is completely worth it. All the Ugliness of mankind is washed away by its capacity [though sometimes very minute, But Who are we to Judge? Not a one at all] to Love. Even the evilest [to our thoughts and minds] of evil people can love, and I'm sure Do. Different lives, different people, we know nothing but presume we do. When we judge others, [most of us cant help it, its an automatic thing the mind does to handle the amount of information that it is receiving on a daily basis{stereotyping- to hard to remember every little thing about all the people you meet in your life, so you label them a put them into a box in your brain, Lazy? (learned that during my psychology stint, *BOOyAH!*)}] we are assuming the role of a knowledgeable being, and more often than not, We are not one.

This is Usually what all my favourite movies are about, They show how corrupt and debased the human race is, but then some one or thing shows the littlest bit of love (makes a huge-o sacrifice of some huge-o sort) and saves the erethang. The corrupt and debased is still there, but so too is the [seemingly sometimes wasted] Love and Sacrifice of the one [sometimes more] person. Lovely, gives my heart hope to think that there are other people in this world [aside from my family] who can imagine such things, Decency, love, humanity

One Day

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