Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where do I begin?

I love this remix of the song and could have sworn it had a weird video that went with it, some cartoonish cgi ish characters walking down steps, but I could be delusional? I want this song, but cant find it! I will have to look harder! YE!

I fell across this song as I was looking for classical musics for my ears, I had no idea that Beethoven made a song called love song and that everyone uses it... Maybe i am totally off the mark with this connecting of dots that i made, or maybe i am totally showing some REALLY blond roots here, but I'm not really care, as long as someone corrects me! Another song that i was reminded of as i searched for random things like i was doing that i love is Nancy Sinatra's Bang Bang, its unbelivably awesome. Anywho time for sleeps!

HAH tricked ya with the thinger dint I?!?!


p.s. I JUST FOUND IT!!! I AM SOO HAPPPYYYYY (hahaha Get Smart I love that movie, its so cool, and funny, and not like the show, even though it was an awesome show i wouldnt have liked it much if it were completley like the movie, and its got ... The Rock, he is so cool, I can never remember if his name is wayne or dwight HAHAHAH I think its wayne though, I like his acting!)


meleofa said...

I have that song on CD. I have it on a pott pett CD. it's on my computer. i will send it to you.

Maliana said...

hhahabhabh his name is dwayne johnson, close!! but anyways yeah i remember the cartoon people and the sad sad story, but yeah i just saw twilight!!, i may have written that on some other site or profile junk anyways yay!

meleofa said...

i think it would be awesome for you to come out here in may. awesome awesome awesome.