Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yes it is.. This is Rain.

I woke up and thought something was strange about the windows, then I saw whiteness and went WAIT A MINUTE!
It snowed again, IT hasnt snowed in like two weeks, the snow was all stale and yuck, but It Snowed today! hahah great! But I was scared because it might hinder the movie outing, but it didnt WOOHOO!

I am just never gonna get over it, I read the first few chapters of new moon just for a whole lets have remembery times so I can pretend to compare. WELL! it was so worth it, OH My GOODNESS I LOVE THAT MOVIE! I would recommend reading the book just so you can appreciate the AWESOME NESS OF CHRIS WEITZ! so good, I love it, I love it I LOVE it! Ten million times better than Twilight, Even the sparkling was better, oh gosh, SO GOOD! I want to watch it many more times so that I can have it burned into my brain. so unbelievably good.
I really enjoy chris weitz work, I liked golden compass, I LOVE New Moon, Too bad he isnt doing eclipse. That guy has got some awesomeness to work up to. I am really curious what'll happen with eclipse, cuz i've heard some funny things about this fella, And he's english. I've only heard of hard candy and 30 days of night, I havent seen them but I wanted to when I first heard about them hahaha they are probs bad though hmmm
WEll as I was watching New Moon I thought to myself "I dont want to see Breaking dawn as a movie" it would be too much for my precious eyes hahaha I REALLY dont want to know Bella and Edward, Ya Dig? hahaha I dont want to see a pregnant Bella, Shes so small! hahahah maybe I'll change my mind after eclipse. I also wondered how they would End it, GREAT STUFF I TELL THEE
But there were these annoying teenagers behind me that WOULDNT STOP TALKING, and laughing and saying dumb things! like first they were all "EW hes so Ugly" about Jacob, and let me tell you, He WAS not, and then they were all "EW he's so Ugly" about Edward, Then they said "Ew he's so Ugly" about the whole wolf pack, then they said "Ew He's Ugly" about all the vampires, BLOODY NORAH! and then they say "ahhh he's so hot!!" guess who about? LAURENT! WHAT THE *^*&$*&@(#&4*7%$ CURSE WORDS anywho, after all this ugly calling they are like "dont go for him go for him!" it was like WHAT THE FETCH, SHUT UP KIDs! and in the begining they were like "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON, I HAVENT READ THE BOOKS WHAT IS THIS??" I was like, are you spastic??? ugh, such retards, make sure your children arent retards like that when they go watch movies Ya?
I totally feel for this guy


MiriamR said...

so everyone I know has officially seen the movie and said its good. I would have been turning around giving evil eye and see if they would get riled up enough to get kicked out. Hate movie talkers esp teenagers you just want to slap em. I can't wait to see it!!

meleofa said...

I know, right?!?! I am so glad it was so much better than Twilight. So good. I'm glad you liked it. Those kids sounds so freaking annoying.

meleofa said...

and P.S. the house you live in is so pretty. Is it the one on the left? You have a porch! I love porches. So much.