Saturday, November 21, 2009

Military Chief Executive Fuhrer President King Bradley

HAHAHA look at that Title! its totally awesome, makes me laugh hard core hahahahah Its the title of the leader in the manga (Japanese word for comic book, pretentious English word for the genre of comic books in the Japanese style) I am reading called FullMetal Alchemist! totally good. But I bet they just call him military president in the anime (shortened form of Animation given to a genre of animation that tends to be of Asian Origin, and more for older children and adults HAHA sounds scary huh??? hahahah it is. ) or something boring like that.

I like the manga better than the anime! the story is much more awesome, and flows better in my opinion. In the Anime they make Edward a snively nosed snot faced kid! What THe HeCK??? he is so much awesomer than that, so much more.

Anywho, this post is about my outrage at the LANDMARK CINEMA ORGANISATION IN FORT MCMURRAY!

So last Saturday I stopped by the ONLY movie theatre in fort mcmurray to see if they were selling tickets for new moon, Yep, and ON THE 19TH! so great. I am unsure if I should get tickets NOW! or later after consulting my movie companion. I decide later, Why Oh Why?? haha anywho I ask how many tickets they have left for the Thursday and she says a huge number that is probably all of them so I'm like its KO, ill go Monday!

Jolly me, I get sick and am not feeling well so I cant get to the theatre till Wednesday, I drive by TWICE! and neither times is it open. I am frustrated and OutRaGED! I then go on the website to get the number, I call MANY TIMES (at Different times, not one after the other hahaha), but no one answers, I am getting PRETTY pussed (rhymes with must, its a Kiwi word HAHAHA) But my movie buddy calls on her way home from work to see if i got the tickets, I say I tried, but it was closed. She Goes to the movie theatre, its evening, 5:30 ish, ITS STILL CLOSED!

already long story shorter, We didn't get tickets! we went on Thursday to see, and they had a sign on the door saying it was sold out till Saturday! I am like EFF YOU FORT MCMURRAY! I TRIEDDD, and my movie buddy is pretty much the same. so we go in and buy tickets to the Saturday noon ish showing, ITs Cheaper! hahaha

So after the initial realisation (something I was in Denial about, but with two high schools, OF COURSE IT WOULD BE SOLD OUT! hahahaha) I'm like meh I don't care, you can go away New Moon! and Fort McMurray TOO!!!! but really I didn't really care, I was actually planning on sitting this one out, since I am saving money, but you know me I CANT!@ hahahahhaha so I am going TOMORROW! or today, yeah later today because its late in the night, early in the mornin!

So I better get some sleep huh?? so I don't fall asleep during New Moon! but I am sure it will be too awesome for my eyes to close hahahah


P.S. I emailed the movie theatre in bitterness to find out WHEN THEY WERE OPEN! and they are only open in the evenings and weekends, WHADAFADA! That totally sucks, This place is such a butt crack! but its ok, I'll be less inclined to go see movies I guess... TEARS! hahahaha I used to be a movie dork, seeing Whatever LAme movies to my hearts content!!! with my trusty side kicks LEte and Toni! (Formerly Maliana, until she LEFT EY?) and the sometimes visitor Henry, Rarely did he come, unless it was something Awesome like Twilight (LAWL he totally came and raged around with us, what a funny) Anywhoo this place probably doesn't even show Awesome less huge MovieS! ahhh the torture...


MiriamR said...

oh that is totally sucky! maybe I should buy my tickets now! Ahh now I am scared. We plan on going next week when the Reeves come down (so they can babysit) but thats like the day after thanksgiving which is a HUGE movie america day. You are supposed to go to the movies with your fam its like a rule or something and now I am scared whitless that it will be sold out and I will have to wait until next year to buy it oh the pain and suffering! Your Fort place reminds me of Guam they always say call this number for any kind of info and then it rings 50 times and nothing. LAMER

meleofa said...

hahahaahaha! That does suck indeed. I thought it sucked that my movie theater box office opened at noon! It's amazing they have two high schools. I didn't think of it as that big.

Oh and in the anime, they call him just "the fuhrer". Isn't that what they called Hitler? Maybe I am mistaken.

MoBo said...

Yeah ahahahaha hitler, I cant remember what it means, something to do with saviour overlord man or something

There is a public high school and a "private" catholic high school, ya get me? i dont know if they have enough for that hahaha its small but not Bella's forks small, I can watch movies here hahaha