Tuesday, November 17, 2009

you bring tears to my eyes

SOOOOOOOO!! Today was Great, I had the day off because the Mamma had to take the boy to a Doctors appointment. So I spent the day watching HEROES! and washing my clothes and cleaning my room, and unclogging my toilet, and exercising. Great Times! Today was a wonderful Day!!!

Over the weekend Me and Lisette (the Mamma) were chatting about eyebrows and getting them done, she gets hers Threaded and Since I've never had it done professionally She said We should go sometime her treat, I was Like BOOYA! hahahah I thought it would be totally awesome. So today she called and made appointments for today and we went. IT WAS PAINFUL, shocking to my eyes, I wasn't going "boohoo that hurts" My eyes were just tearing and there was the funny noise your brain makes in your ears when it is bracing itself with pain. interesting times.

So here is a before (I couldn't really find any, this is the best i think):

And here is a similar looking after:

I like it, its cleaned up the edges, was quick, not too bad, I think it was worth it. the skin tingles for a bit afterwards, interesting sensation.

Here's a further away picture haha

A few posts ago I mentioned my hair, Mele'Ofa asked how It was when it was straightened, Well here are some pictures

This is my face

This is my face too hahahah

So it straightens alright, but my hair has always straightened alright. My hair needs a cut so I cant really comment on what its like.

OK so there's enough pictures of me in this post to last a life time, So I will End it

p.s. I think i have pneumonia, I can feel a coldness in my chest. its similar to how a deep laugh feels when it begins, but its a cough, and it doesn't want to come hahaha I am a dramatic hypochondriac after all


MiriamR said...

YOUR EYEBROWS LOOK AMAZING! I have always felt that if your eye brows are done right you don't need mush makeup and your face always looks better (Everyones face, I am not just pointing at you) I LOVE THEM! Now you can just pluck them that exact way and keep em up. LOVELY. Does it hurt more than plucking? And your hair looks great! Are you doing the no shampoo for the rest of your life? It looks fantastic for sure! Thanks for the post on the eyebrows, I have always wondered about the string eyebrow treatment.sc

Hera said...

Was it done with string? I miss my chauffeur.

Wiley Family said...

Melanie I like your eyebrows too. I too believe if your eye brows are in check it makes your face look better and by you I mean everyone no you hahaha. Did you have a hair cut to have your hair look that way? If so what is it called? I have a weight goal and once I reach it(it's a half way point :)) I am getting my hair cut and Im looking around to see what's out there. Are you not using shampoo. I've thought of doing that. love your posts.

meleofa said...

Lovely lovely lovely! Your eyebrows are so excellent. I have wanted to try that too, but I have no idea where I would get that done. Your hair is so nice! I too wonder, are you never going to shampoo again? I hope you don't have pneumonia. That would be terrible. :O