Sunday, November 8, 2009

VÁ Á Á Á Á Á Á Á Á Á Á Á Á Á Á Á Á Á Á !

Yesterday was a GReat day, I got my int. licence, my liberry card and TCM STARTED to be on the Telly!... Yeah That was Great! hahahaha

Slowly slowly slowly my mind is solidifying into an Adult, isnt it scary, and such a tragedy!

My plans and future are becoming more interesting and concrete, its rather exciting hmmm

I am gonna start going to the Library a lot, so much so that soon I will have read all the books and seen all the movies and shows, and I'll be on first name basis with the crabby liberry ladies, YEAH! and I was thinking about buying Wellies! but I think I might loose my toes (and feet) if I just bought wellies, and not Proper Snow/winter boots, What do you think? I havent seen snow for near 6 years now so I have no idea. Wellies are Gum Boots, FYI. I've always wanted a pair, but sillily I never Bought one! shocking I know.

HahaHA there is a movie on TCM about bull Fighting in mexico, its Exciting! and there is a guy trying to impress the girl that he (and she) has been brought up to think to marry, but she loves someone else, and the crowd is shouting "GRI-NGO! GRIN-GO! GRI-NGO!" so funny

Anyways, i'm starting to get the inside crazies, so I was thinking of going for a walk, I hope I dont get eaten by a bear... Oh Well!

p.s. WHERE DO YOU GET ALL YOUR PIMPIN pages from? I need to pimp my page, but I am so lazy hahaha

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Wiley Family said...

I love your new background. I almost thought I was on the wrong page hahahaha. Oh yeah if you get wellies(hahaha i think i spelled it wrong) You might want to bring them to NC. It rains quite a bit, or maybe it doesn't, I've just gotten used to bone dry, rain one day a year, southern Cali. I love the rain though. I want wellies. I need to get the kids some. Oh it crazy rained today and crazy me with crazy kids wanted to go to the park, so we went and it was great because no one else was there. They had a ball. hahahaha. well it looks like I've made a post instead of a comment. Love your playlist. love you.