Saturday, November 14, 2009

I couldnt comprehend the saddness of the situation until i said it out loud

If ever you are feeling crabby (the fob kind too) or blue, or green, or red, or yellow I would highly recommend gearing up and going for a walk, its marvelous. If ever I am feeling crabby or blue, or green, or red, or yellow and I go for a Walk, It Always makes me feel better! it doesn't necessarily make the situation better, But I feel better. It always makes me smile.

I Love walking, It clears your head as well as your perspective. You see all the wonderful creations of our Heavenly Father and can't help but feel blessed.

If you're still feeling orange, or gray, or white, or pink Than pick up a Book! Any Book! make sure its a good one though, and not a crappy popular one that has no real quality or substance to it. I'd recommend the Book of Mormon, That one gives Much clarity and calm to the troubled mind, Every Time.

When I get a bit crazy from life All I need to do is go for a walk and start reading, It Always makes me feel better. It helps to clear my head and I stop concentrating on myself and start to remember there are other people in this world. Sometimes its good to be simple



MiriamR said...

True True. I should take mores walks!

Wiley Family said...

This is such a wonderful testimony. I would love to take walks but im scared of walking with all the crazies out there. hahahaha. I love reading the book of mormon too. so much history and truth. Our repetitive human bahavior of falling but there is still hope which I love. I loved your post.