Sunday, March 13, 2011

sometimes i just need to lie down on the floor and breathe

I think Iceland is Cruel.

haha jokes, but life sure is interesting. Now that I have a ticket and am leaving, Iceland seems to be opening up to me.

I have only just realised something, kinda tragic that its so late in my life, but I am always grateful for awesome realisations.

Human Beings are such fragile little things, so easily swayed this way or that.

Sometimes at work i dont feel like smiling. One of these times a woman came to my till, she was smiling at me. As she was paying she said "I always love coming to you, you are so Polite and pleasant, and always smiling! Its really comforting and nice!" after she said that I started to smile, She didnt say much, but it was so very much.

I often wonder if I make any difference, if anything I do affects anything, or if all the things i do are completelty useless and wasteful.

I sometimes wonder if it would be better if I didn't, or if I weren't. This woman made me realise that in our daily routines we become reliant on others, strangers sometimes, and without them our day wouldn't be.

People notice us, they really do. Strangers taka eftir the little habits we have. Sometimes our little tiny acts and deeds make someone elses day.

We really do matter. Everything we do matters!

I watched a movie the other day, it was a korean movie ehehe anyways the movie made me realise, along with all the little acts and deeds I've been seeing, that We need to SAY IT! whatever it is, It needs to be Said!!

if someone is a pleasant lovely cashier, tell them you enjoy their service! If someone is doing something that makes you happy, let them know! if you think someone has a lovely face, let them know!

So I have been trying to do that. Speaking has never been something I am good at, and sharing is something I am HORRIBle at, so Sharing FEELINGS, thats a super, uhm, No.

But lately I have been trying to work on my ingrained flaws, and sharing feelings and opinions with people is one of them. Iceland has been teaching me many things, I am very grateful for the time I have spent here.

I couldnt imagine leaving Iceland in August(last year), but I've learned that Heavenly Father knows better than I do. I have faith that he will provide a way, Iceland will be ok without me. If things are supposed to happen, they will. I don't need to worry, as long as I am doing what I know to be right.

share feelings. Share Feelings! its pleasantly rewarding, i used to think it was totally awkward and pointless, but sharing feelings is a part of loving people, I'm slowly opening my heart to the world.

I guess thats enough for now.

Let People know! its okay! They will enjoy it, if not now, ten years from now!

Love from Iceland!

jumble jarmble


MiriamR said...

There are certain cashiers I LOVe and they talk t ome and I talk to them and tell them I didn't see them all last week and such. Yeah I am trying to be nice and talk to people randomly now too. I talked to one of my neighbors for the first time on saturday and gave her some paint brushes. She was really nice. We try to talk them all cookies during holidays too just to brighten someones day. My days need brightening and my cashiers are usually nice so yeah its good advice you give melanie. I notice whenever I am about to move far away I get to know all the people around me really fast and wish I were staying, it always takes me forever though!

Unifer said...

I love you! ... I don't really have anything else to say.... just thought I would follow your advice :D

Hera said...

Keep smiling and laughing. You always make my day that way.
It is a wonderful thing to see the good in others any good you can find.
I loved North Carolina. People smiled and spoke to you especially in the stores.
I at least say to people thank you and have a good day. They smile even when you say a small thing like that. Too many people in the world today don't care about others around them.