Tuesday, March 8, 2011

tonight tonight¨!

My days usually bounce around, between AWesome and SUCK! (during work) but today I nearly felt normal! well tonight.

So after being stuck at work till 25 past six because some people SUCK TOO MUCH TO BE ALIVE! (this lady came to my till at quarter past, the time when they have been warned that the tills will be closed. STUPID IDIOT!..) and finally being able to leave at half past (we close at six, but allow the flippin customers to shop till korter yfir) I trudge over to the chapel in snow. it was great.

Then Elder Christiensen was at the chapel! he's my favourite missionary(here, he's from west valley and played rugby! hahaha), and has been in selfoss for ages, but now elder Walsh is in selfoss, and he is my favourite too. Anyways, Thats where the awesome train began.

So then I go check my email, and my number one favourite missionary Has emailed!"! wahoo! and I got a special mention! wahoo! (but I am wondering if he knows the badge is an iron on..)

And then lots of investigators come! and dinner is Great! (european young single adult program is interesting, iceland being small has dinner before family home evening!)

And then Me and Unnur Play FOOSBALL! its intense, its ALWAYS INTENS!!! and then the missionaries have a lesson on the Atonement. So Great. and then we go eat BOLLUR!!! so great. and play a little more.

and then some people decide to go swimming, but i wasnt invited, so I wasnt. But then a Dear friend came and apologized to me for "being rude" the past few months, but I hadn't noticed rudness, there was certainly a wierdness, but I didnt take it badly, or as rudeness.. It made me very happy though, to know that I wasnt just being crazy, and that he cared enough to apologize.

so I go to the kitchen and help sister callaway do stuff, and unnur come and asks me if I want to go swimming too!! I say no. I hate swimming! (not really, I love it! but I only love it with close friends that i feel comfortable with, im snob like that) but then I remembered what maliana told me, that I need to do things that are uncomfortable making! and to stop excluding myself...

so I say out loud. "i dont want to.. but i should... INNER TERMOIL!" or something along those lines. and sister callaway says "You should go!" and unnur says "Yeah! you can borrow swim clothes from me!" and im like.. "Ok........"

So I go. And it was a great adventure!

I spjalled with people, it was great, and I sat in hot water, and cold water and ocean water and snowball fights.

The rowdyness was less desirable, but the spjall was good times! and then we went and bought icecream at hagkaup and we ate it.

This evening was Great! I felt alive. So cliche HAHA but I am a social creature, without it I wilt. This is the first time, in a LONG time, that I have had happy fun, with no thoughts of gloom, and That is why I have been so miserable here.

Tonight I felt myself again. Iceland has no idea who I am, I pity Iceland for that. I may be a wild creature, but Its better to see me real than to see me smile.

I just felt so good (not happy per se, but good is better than happy methinks) that I felt like sharing. and this song makes me think of my outing! hahah

This is how I want to remember Iceland.


Maliana said...

hey thats sounds wonderfully wonderful! and im so very chuffed that you listened to somethign i said hahahahah

i got a special mention in your blog, i feel famous!!

my word varification is upsyn, sounds so optimistic!

Hera said...

You have more Tongan and Faroese blood in you than Icelandic. I can tell from the way you feel. Well done. You are greatly blessed.