Thursday, March 24, 2011

you dont know how to party, so why dont you just come on over to my party to learn to party, because I know how to party. party party. Party

I see bugs! and þók! úti! it makes me smile Big!! wahoo!!!

on my way to work I saw lots of green moss poking out from the snow. During work I saw lots of rain. weeeee.

One thing I wanted from Iceland, the snow to be gone before I leave.

Today! I was on my way home and people are all in their loppu peysurs and stuff. I am always so öfundsjúk! To me, loppu peysurs are Love! Its a grandmothers love for her grandchildren. The Fishermans Wifes Love for her Husband. A Mothers Love for all!

If someone made me a loppu peysa I wouldnt accept it if they didnt love me, cuz to me, thats just not right. HAHA but I am a wierdie.

I'm packing my stuffs! I have a week of work left. I have been culturfying the ICelanders with tongan food, but they have tasted most of it before (maliana) they just dont know the name of it. but there is something REALLY WIERD! MATTI KNOWS THE NAMES OF STUFF. I made otai the other night (at Björg and Ólafurs house) and it was sitting in the kitchen and matti walked through and was like "is this otai?" and i was like *DIED* because what white peoples know the names of such things?!?!? even our relis called it "Watermelon Juice" in Australia (something that still makes me scoff and stare incredulously). No offence to the Matti of course.. and he knows phrases I dont, Its really embarressing. HAHAHA I guess I just gats ta be a learnin the uhm, speach. so the white tongan doesnt show me up. hehehe jokes, its cool, im not jealous


JOKES! hahaha its really late and I am suppsed to be done with all the things that arent done.


p.s. if you want your animals to be alive when you get home, dont have me babysit them..

Love From Iceland!

p.p.s. Seriously, No one freaking understands a thing that comes out of my mouth.
THAT ISNT WHAT I MEANT. thats for all the times people misunderstood and rambled along their stupid little way. exasperating.


MiriamR said...

I'm sure Matti knows because he was in an area with lots of Tongans on his mission :) good for him for knowing and good for you for making the foods!! you need to get a loppi pesya that you like so you can have it. When ever in the evers of time we go and visit I plan to get a nice one that zips up so I can wear it forever. Daniel has one but never has worn it because its too big hmm maybe we got rid of it though on our move to guam. Good luck and enjoy your last of iceland!!

Hera said...

Not to worry about people understanding you. Many just stare at me when I speak. It must be my accent. We still can just laugh.