Sunday, July 3, 2011

May I ask you a rather forward question? ... Have you had lunch?

Today was fast sunday! but i didnt go to church. I was ill. I woke up rearin ta go! but as the day wore on I became less and less mobile and more and more immobile and now i feel wretchedly ill. What eh Twist!

haha its hard to be sick while watching children! I would droop into a sickly stupor and then i would hear some screaming and squealing because someone is sitting too close to someone else. hahaha children are quite interesting.

Yesterday, I realised I WANT TO BE A HOMEMAKER! it'll be so fun! but first I have to learn some good life skills so I can not be a homemaker If I need to.

I watched a movie (korean keke), about a househusband. One night he went out with his male friends, and one of them started calling him a pansy and stuff and he started ta putting the beat downs on him, then he left and the guy who got beat started calling him a pansy again and he came running back in and started beating him again.

I thought he was doing it for his pride and face saving, but as he came to put the second beat downs on him he said something like "Homemaking isn't easy! It is a very respectable occupation! and doesn't get enough credit at ALL! Show Some respect! its better than what YOU do all day!" I thought it was totally AWesome!! He didnt even care about what he was saying about him, but he cared that he was degrading the wonderful thing of homemaking! haha Great stuff! and in an Asian movie! haha


I read it for the article. kekeke


MiriamR said...

yeah home making is hard! And when you are sick you can't even be sick. LAME haha. I get irritated when people think staying at home is the life. HELLO you never have a minutes rest ever! Theres no going home at 5 because you are still home and have to make dinner and you don't even get peace during sleep cause someone could wake up gupping all over the place. So yes its a very respectable job

Hera said...

Well said Miriam it´s not easy. I think you enjoy more being at home when the children leave home hehe.
The children grow up and then you say I am glad I was home with them.

meleofa said...

Amen. for sure.