Friday, May 27, 2011

If my voice will make you happy, I'll sing further and louder than seems possible

I just finished watching a movie that I have wanted to see for TWO YEARS!! haha

I've waited so long that I had little hope of ever seeing it. But I saw it!! and it was SUPER!!!! kekek its called heavens postman, I was gonna post a trailer, but I didnt find one that I liked, so I'll post a song from it! huhu

I didnt think I would like the movie, because it took so forever to see it, and the more I saw of little snippets, the less I wanted to see of the whole haha. But I Liked it!! very much! my only qualms would be her crying (I often dislike immensely the crying done by females..) and his shiny lips. WHAT THE HACK?? But he is (can be) a very good looking man (in my opinion), the main reason I wanted to watch this movie, him and the story, it was fun!

I didnt see what was going to happen until the last second before it happened. I am always like that haha sloww!! but my drivers licence tester said that isn't necessarily a bad thing, better in time than not. kekeke

fun movie! I just... felt like... sharing... keke Lete is graduating today! later today! thats Awesome! I should have finished the candy lei's, but I am a slacker face that forgets time passes and today arrives. O WELL, ill finish it when I wake up. Ya?

life is a

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MiriamR said...

please take lots of pictures and then post them. I don't think she is going to post them so you should! :)