Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Brainless woman= frivolous woman= REpulive to me!

OH NO!!! I AM A REPULSIVE TO ME!!! kekeke I am watching a drama called playful kiss, pretty slow, but that might just be because my brain is on another plane (and totally wannabe goong, minus points for try hard, plus points for funny).

Iceland is like a brainless woman! (kekeke) it is repulsive to me! keke I am a bit of a major league flake, and I think there are a lot of things in life that should just be dropped! when something is over, ITS OBER! and my time in Iceland is OBER! it was Ober ages ago! or so I was hoping; apparently not hey....

I am done! I've only been here for like a month, but I am done! and caffeine really really doesn't like me, it give me killer head aches, caffeine and suger. blegh. but I really like the flavour of dr. pepper.

my Brain is becoming brainless! I want to go to school and study! I like to study. Its hard work though! but I am better at it than I was when I was littler, oh what a silly i wasam!

I just cracked my neck and it tingled through my wrists hahaha thats mistery misteree

So I want to study. Australia is my fallback plan, US is my see if it happens plan. I am going to see if they will give me back my "go to america for free" card, if so then I will stay, if not I'll be jetting it (after a year, seems silly to leave when I'll need to be here in about a years time) back to brazil. and of course I mean Australia.

Enough ramblings of crazed crazy! I'm Out!

p.s. i used to enjoy so many things, and then I stopped using my muscles, and they got flabby and so now I have to work them out again!

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MiriamR said...

you should try getting off the caffeine, you might sleep better. I decided to quit soda for the rest of my life! except like rootbeer in a float. But my reason is teeth. ANyways good for you to realise what you want to do. You could go to school on a student visa in the U.S and work at the school but only like 20 hours a week.