Thursday, July 21, 2011

Iceland is like a Potato

This song makes me laugh and dance and cry (with laughter) everytime I watch it! or listen to it! I LOVE the dancing! its so awesome hahaha I especially love the "SOup" part and the "oh oh oo oh oh oo oh oh oo ohohohoh" and the jumping part and just every dancing part! hahahaha makes me happy

blablablalbalablabla I am still in Iceland. stuff happens, I went to watch harry potter, the newerst one. I really hate harry potter, but I love snape, so I watched it TWICE!!! HAHAHAHA OH YEAH!!! I Always loved snape! and I was always super sad when he did things that seemed to be bad in the books and I would always be like "WHY HWYHYWH JKROLLER!"

I'm such a sucker for unrequited love! hahahaahahaha sorry for ruining the movie for you, since that is the highlight of the movie (kekek I didnt care about anything else in the movie keke oh except that... someone dies, someones many). Its why I went twice. *sigh* I <3 Snape! FoEva!!

He is my Favouritest fictional character ever! which is a pretty amazing feat! since I dont like to like fictional characters, since they are fictional and all.

Uhm, I ride a bike a lot, I really like it. I've been riding from reykjavík to hafnarfjörður for various reasons, back and forth its about 22 km. the way I go anyways, its super fun! I try not to stop, but since I am new to it sometimes I have to walk up a hill hahaha

Today I am going to a codependencies anonymous meeting. I dont know what that means, but we'll see!

Oh, on tuesday Betty and Courtney invited me to go with their family on a sight seeing tour thing, we drove down the southern coast to the Glacier river lagoon ahahah and we ate some glacier pieces, it was cool, and tasted Amazing! I am pretty sure its because its really old that it tasted so good kekek. we saw a seal and some arctic terns (kría's) they have the world record for the longest migration. they come to Iceland for the summer from antarctica. i think. for some reason i cant remember.

I am planning on going to North Carolina in August, around the 16th, I'll be needing to talk to betty to figure out when and what have you..

why oh why am i in Iceland again??


This song is so mellow for how hardcore these guys look ahhaha

I Love Potatoes! they are my favourite! but sometimes I can't stan'em!

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meleofa said...

I love that you say Iceland is like a potato. hahahaha. And I can't wait to see the last Harry Potter. I will see it in December, or whenever the DVD comes out. hahahahaha. I also love that you ride the bike so much! I wish I was so dedicated. well done sir.