Friday, July 22, 2011

Anyway, What's Wrong with having an Unrealistic Dream?

Here are some Great Quotes! from Mischievous kiss! (a Korean Drama! keke)

"A dream is just a Dream, be yourself"

"Well, as for dreams, the harder to achieve makes it all the more meaningful, right?"

I Love Korean Dramas! there is so much awesomeness about them! my favourites are the hilarious things that come out of their mouths! hahaha they make me laugh so much! wahooo. Same with Anime's, but they are not so awesome full, they are more scary full and "can't look away from the disturbing image" full OMO! ITS A REAL REAL REAL REAL REAL REAL REAL
REAL NERD GEEK SITE! the kind that only make sense to itself!

Apparently astronomers are soup luv, no i mean super nerds! hahaha they all discuss the stars and the sky and the countries that have cool things like lights out for an hour (apparently Iceland did this in 2007 for an hour). I am so envious of such weirdies who have fellow weirdies to discuss nerdness with!

I'm kind of like the pilot in the little prince, I show people a little bit of what I am really about, and depending on their answer I become an adult or a REALLY COOL ME!!!

Today I went to the cemetery! the one located by the pearl, its really nice, one of my favourites in the world! Karl (mamma's Bro) was buried there, along with their younger brother Hörður Karl Levi Karlsson. I went to make it look a little nicer (because it was like a wild bush land), I was very not prepared to do any real work, but I did my best with what I had (my hands keke) so now my hands feel very used! and blistered, it's Great! feels like i did some Real work! keke my hands are so rough keke

So I ripped all the extra branches off, I hope the bush doesnt die of shock, I hope the bush doesnt hate me now. I made a friend while i was there, it was a bird! it likes all the tiny bugs that were being unearthed by me, it was fun!

Anywhos, here's an awesome ender!

"I accepted the lunchbox in fear"


Maliana said...

by like did you mean eat? i like this post lots somehow i missed it.

MoBo said...

kekekkee Yeah, but just because it liked to eat them doesnt mean it didnt eat to like them!