Saturday, February 11, 2012

Christmas Eve Day

This is something I did ages back! I don't like to have drafts in my managing blogbox

8/21/11 12:50 AM

Today was a good day. I played with many friends today. I have some super phobias, one heights, and another enclosed spaces, today I played with the latter!

In the Iceland there is a place called heiðmörk, and in that place there is a place called maríuhellir (whatevs on the bending). Once when I was little i went there with people, either church or family, cant quite remember that detail.. but everyone went down into this little cave that was found in a hole in the ground. I didnt go, I was too terrified of the going in the little hole.

Well, since I have been in Iceland I have heard a lot about a game called the cave game, and I have been super excited about doing it. Last time i was here I didnt get a chance to play it, and i was a little disappointed. When I came back it just so happened that an opportunity came up where we could play that¨ !¨"!¨¨!!!

Today we had an activity called Pirates Vs. Ninjas! and it was about who is better. I was the Ninja leader! and I lead my awesome ninjas to victory!! but the last game was the cave game, and I was totally psyched to play! until I tried to go into the tiny hole in the ground.

I didnt go. I tried a couple times, but both times I was near some idiot talking about earthquakes happening while we were down there. The entrance to the cave is awkward and small, so you have to maneuver to get into the cave, but that is the only part, the rest is a slouching walk to the cavern.

After a while of me not being able to do it, and trying to convince myself o do it I finally went down, sorta on my own, there was another wimpy guy who wouldn't go, he was a bit of an airbeder and didnt like to be underground. So he started to go with a little group and then I crawled in after because I was like "NOW OR NEVER!" and it was awesome! and magical! and totally crazy because its something you can only experience, words and pictures are just not enough.

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MiriamR said...

I'm so proud of you melanie! I can't do tiny hole cave! I have a recurring nightmare about having to squeeze into this small hall back and forth and it makes me want to sure. Yuck. Anyway great job!