Friday, February 10, 2012

제발 잘 먹고 잘 살

Please eat well and live well, that's what that means (I think its a bit more like DO rather than Please), apparently its something you say to someone you never wish to see again! hahaha isnt it great!? Those Koreans, their language doesn't have bad words, just rude/impoliteness >.< haha I Love it.

So anyways, while I'm here, let me tell you something, completely unrelated, it just happened. L was here a moment ago rolling on the floor laughing, I thought she was laughing because of my reaction to her threatening to cut my big bang pillow that she gave me for christmas-

(I told her to read this article, but she thinks im boring so she doesnt do anything I say, so I told her I would hide her ipad then, since she thinks im boring she doesnt listen to what I say, so she didnt hear that. about an hour later she is walking around looking for something, because I am the awesomest liar/actor I pretended not to know what she was looking for. after a futile while, since i am also an awesome hider, she then asks "have you seen my ipad?" after a few moments silence I burst out with "I TOLD YOU I WOULD HIDE IT!! :O!" and she starts swearing at me in korean, and i am just laughing, then she grabs my pillow and starts to undress it!!! [take the case off] and Im like "I CANT HEAR OR SEE YOU!"!"!" [thats how I dealt with H and L when we were all younger, they tended to not punch me when I did that, and their scary antics(knife/fire wielding) that were empty threats didnt scare me, because with me its the seeing is whats scary, not the actual thing XD]. she leaves the room and I bellow about how I wIll not .. err.. Barter with terrorists!! and how i know her threats arent empty! she just needs to read the article. and then I mumble under my breath about an incident that happened when I was about 14/15. I was reading harry potter when it wasn't my turn, it was M's turn, but i had secretly acquired it before her. When she found out she was outraged. I barricaded myself in my room(it was a sunday.. :O ) so L and M were trying to get into the room, but since I was always freakishly strong[and they were younger/sickly XP] they had no such luck. They finally go quiet and I assume they've given up; I sit in the way of the door just in case, but read on comfortably. A little while later they push the door open and fling pieces of paper into the room, they aren't trying to get in, they are just flinging these crumpled cards at me. At first I scoff at their lame attack, Until I see what it is they are throwing ...
(")(ㅜ_ㅜ)(") they were throwing crumpled cards... from my... monopoly game... (")(ㅜ_ㅜ)(") Have you ever watched an anime[usually a funny one] where one of the characters is totally shot down/belittled/made redundant? and his soul leaves him[it's usually a guy], That was me. It's one of my more distressing memories, its really funny now (I'm not laughing) but I was totally out of my mind. haha I might have freaked out, like i doid, but my soul was gone, so I gave the book(I had like four pages left..) over and cried(without tears) alone as I shouted "LEAVE ME!" and hugged my monopoly to me.. I'm sure I went and winged to mamma some time later when my soul came back.. I am sure I am telling it wrong, but thats how i remember it)

-She kept making movements towards it and I would go "ACHK" but then she just started rolling around on the floor laughing uncontrollable, I was like "Bro, I know I make weird sounds, but it wasn't that funny.." after about 10-15 minutes she finally gets a few words out, and she was laughing about THE INCIDENT OF ENGLAND!!! (thats where it happened) This reaction was like ten minutes after I had mentioned it,(that's how long it took her to realize/recall what i was talking about i guess) and I hadn't thought she heard OR listened so I was like '.. "-_- ' and my soul nearly left me again, but then she began to tell the tale of how it happened!! I was just.. Poor OCD younger melanie... I still don't get it, To my OCD brain it was a really cruel thing to do, I told mum about it a little while ago and she was like "What???" cuz she thought it was mean too! hahaha It's something thats stuck in my memory, It's not like i need to/can get over it, it's not something to get over, its just something that happened, and will stay with me forever HAHAHA I feel so.. crazy.. But I know I am ~_- so its ok right? :D

Anyways, Here is a really great song, by one of my favouritest groups! Epik High! (BigBang is number #1~! Epik High is number #2.9.. i want to say 1.5.. but they all just look wrong, Epik High is like Barely not #1, but BigBang is Completely #1....~.~)

I think one of our purposes in Life is to find our "reason to live", at least mine. Not that I am obsessed or anything, its just the way I feel.

p.s. sorrry if i ruined Bleach kekeke, I sure did for me :O

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