Sunday, February 12, 2012


haha there is a Korean ... singer artist guy named Psy He is 대박!! (AWesOME!)

So anyways, he was on this Korean talk show where two celebrities go on the show and they have a 100 random people watching the show live(via the internets), they are the jury. What the two celebrities do is bring a "case" with them, something they are dissatisfied with. For example on this episode Psy brought the case that he is known as a troublemaker, he said this is wrong and he is just a free spirit trying to fly. The other celebrity on the show is an actor named Kim SooRo, what he brought was that everyone thinks he is dumb/immature because of the role he plays on variety shows (korean variety shows are the bomb digity, famous people go on there and do funny thing XD). SO the celebrities go on this show to clear this matter up. There is a panel of "lawyers" who defend and attack, like in a court room, and in the end only one of the celebrities gets to clear their name. Its a funny show.

So anywhos, Psy talked about how he once said he could make his wife fall for him, and marry him, over the phone. Everyone was mesmerized and wanted to know more. So he talks about his technique, and its all very technical and weird sounding to my western/anti-social ears, but it sounds like it could work. In the end the guy questioning him asks "whats the Success rate?" and Psy answers "100%" Everyone is totally wowed. He then starts to talk about Indians. Amerindians. So he says that when there is a drought Amerindians will Pray for rain, and it will rain, they have a 100% success rate. He said the same applies to his technique. The Key is that the Amerindians keep "praying until it rains", 100% success. "The chances of capturing a girls heart is 100%.. because I have been trying even before I managed to capture her heart. Now, I have such a loving Family" hahaha so cute!

I thought that was a very interesting idea. If you keep at something, eventually it will come. I Like it!

This is a song by Psy, this was his comeback stage after like.. 8 years, He had just joined YG entertainment (BEST EVA!!). He had to redo his mandatory military service because they didn't think he did it properly the first time.. so he served 4 years.. The first song is called "It's Art" and from what I gather it's about singing and dancing and dreams, and achieving them, how it's all an art; it's interspersed with rap verses that I think are about himself, how he was a beast before he met his beauty (SO CUTE!), and stuff. The second song is "In Mt eyes", the third song is called "Right Now". I like his style, he is outrageous! he does parodies of all the popular songs. He gives the best concerts from what I hear. HE is SO COOL. He isn't considered very good looking, and yet he is still SUPER popular. Awesome.

Toot Zeints!

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