Sunday, November 23, 2008

Awesomer than thou

Almost Forgot, I saw this Picture, I dont know if anything has been done to it, it sure looks like somethings been done, but its So Awesome, Like the best picture Ever, her Eyes are so Pretty! (like mine and my daddy's HAHAHAH! I dont have a fat head, I just love my eyes)

Here is one of henry hahaha

these kids are such posers, just thought You should all Know. I envy them that too haha such outgoing Fat Heads, And I say it in the nicest way possible




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meleofa said...

I love that pic of lete too! check out that hair! so chiny and does it have red-ish bits in it? I want to do my hair with red-like-haley-from-paramore and so-dark-brown-it-might-be-black and awesome. What do you think? and you should put some pics of you up here! :)