Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My hair Curls in the Rain


it's been raining like Crazy for the past few days, (its rainy time!) and it was raining as I drove home from work today, like torrential Down pouring, I could feel my car flying over the puddles because I was going to fast hehe Ye!

Let me tell you a secret! I got Christmas prezzies for my little family here in Australia, I bought my mommy the wii fit thing because she said she wanted something like that (Maliana I am not sure you will ever get that back heh heh heh) and I also got the rock band world tour wii thing, but I am not waiting for Christmas, Thats silly, its too hot to do that.

I did something REALLY stupid today, I played knuckles at work, and I flinched three times TWICE! so now my hand is swollen and grossly bruised and I can feel every movement owwieee DANG IT! I will have my revenge, REMATCH AAAAAHHH

I did another stupid thing at work, I shoved, like Nine warheads into my mouth for four dollars (hehe I eat stuff for money because I have silly friends hahaha) and it was painful for my toungue, afterwards I couldnt feel my toungue, well it felt burnedish, but my teeth felt like chalk, the acid like acided them! and they still feel funny hehe.

OH and one more thing before I go do wierd things, the mechanic man came to fix my belts because the fan belt snapped off on friday and then monday my battery light was on so i gats tha mechanics to fix its, so its all better now! or something, I was sleeping hehe Okay Laters for now! STILL super awesome excited about Twilight, but there are other things that are might happen, like going to robinvale and going to dreamworld for koreafest, and Henry is graduating on Friday, thats super cool okay I fall now



p.s. I still have no flippin clue
idea about whats going on Here
hahaha the pictures! and the
other stuffs! bleh


meleofa said...

what a nice daughter you are. i think mamma will really love that. sounds like you are very busy with work. have you guys heard anything from dad?

Maliana said...

hahah how did you know i was surrounded by fire and smoke trippy. you sound so grown up with your mechanic and knuckles at work :D

ooo speaking of work i ordered 1,142,650 Kræonur worth of tobacco at work today, it was a new record :P