Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Caught Myself

Down to you
you're pushin and pullin me
Down to you

But I don't know what I want

I LOVE ALL THAT IS TWILIGHT, AHHHHHHHHHH I was just about to go look at Miriam's recent blog, BUT just a few seconds before I clicked it I read twilight was so GOod, AND I EXPLODED WITH JEALOUSY!!!! I am going to have to close my Eyes and Ears for like nearly a month (three or so week) so that I don't cry and die and explode and fall over.. but considering that I will be driving, walking and handling sharp things with my eyes and ears closed All of these things are inevitable; BUT if these things happen because of my closed eyes and ears rather than my twilight's ruined, it will be much better, because my twilight's ruined would mean ANguish to my Soul1!! but the other thing is just my injured self... and others maybe, hmmm On to Other matters

I bought the soundtrack the other day and totally forgot about the poster thing, it was the lame poster of Bella and Edward, I should have gotten the Jacob one hehehahahah I've got this feeling that I am going to be team Jacob with the movies, I am not sure why hahaha he just seems better there, but books are definitely Edward. I'm just wondering, does Rob Pattinson play the guitar for the song he sang? that would be so way more impressive than him singing kehe.

OH NOO!! I am going to be all alone at work tomorrow!! (well obviously not completely alone) my crews all missing, minnie (LDS lady in my stakes ey) is away for two weeks or something because her daughter Shazbot(Sharlene, but you know how the british nick name people with the first letter of their name then add an az or ez or azza or ezze or whatever vowel they please, australians being close relatives of the british do similarly, so Cake(chika) calls her Shaz, and I call her shazbot cuz its cooler, but she doesnt know that HAHA) is getting married tomorrow, (or today) and shazbots away cuz shes getting married(Minnie's daughter, temple marriage) and Cake (Caitlin, my number one hombre) is away because shes an amateur photographer and shazbot asked her to take the pictures for her, and Ja (Rocielle, I have no idea about that one, its completely hers) is just wagging(sluffing, skipping, absconding, being in the wrong place at the right time) thats all the people i sit with at meal times, (except for saphire, but shes from pieces, and I am in marinating) so I'll be all a lonley


HAHA someone commented (I'm trying to sound all popular bloggy! haahhaha It was Maliana AlrIGht?!?) about me sounding all grown up or something, I am not sure if it was meant as sarcasm, because its just too funny hehe

Well, in keeping with what I was yammering about, (serious stuffs) I will blerg some more.. about my futures

So My big little disbanding family is moving over to the Canada, That will be very interesting and exciting. At first I was like meh, but now I am wanting to go too. So My plan, go to canada next year in the middle somewhere (middle of the year) like june or july, well anywho I need to go to sleep haha BYO for NOW



meleofa said...

I won't give anything away after I see it, and Miriam hasn't said anything give away-ish, so no worries. Maliana doesn't get to see it until later either. You are all grown up and stuff. I think it's the talking about work, and the future. And can I just say the pic you linked to the serious word was breathtaking. Beautiful.

MiriamR said...

I didn't ruin it. I don't know how to ruin it because I haven't read the books in order to ruin. Don't ruin the books for me and I wont ruin the movie. Well I wont ruin the movie anyway. Now I want to buy all the books. Is the series or books over? I don't want to have to wait after I read because I hated that about Harry Potter.

Maliana said...

i was serious about the sounding grown up it was all the junk about the mechanic and her car, That's some grown up crap! anyways the series is over so you can be obsessed and mentally unstable and read them all the way through :}