Friday, November 21, 2008

click click click click maliana got a really cool pic..ture

hmmm Grown up, I guess, in the sense that I dont think like a child anymore... well.. THIS is Hard to utskira harharhar. moving Along

OOOOO Henry Graduated from Australian 12th Grade on Friday! that was so exciting, and yet very boring. It was very exciting because Henry was graduating! and there was drumming and digaredo/!

the first video is some digeradoing and the second one is some more, you can hear the drumming start just at the end of the second video, but the memory card was full and I was full flipping out hahahah poor lete

I thought it was so Amazing! because I havn't really heard a digaredo be played, but this was so cool, and then they added the poly drums and it was so flippin Amazing! These little (12 to 15 yr olds probably) boys were playing their drums like nobodies business. Polynesian kids always amaze me, even though the means are usualy terrible, the outcome is usualy always Flabergasting; four year old kids reciting the first three articles of faith(or other long things) by memory, 11 year old girls dancing like pro's, young boys doing haka's and spear dances and drumming - K Moving on!

but then there were speeches given by a principle who didnt really care and 17 year old kids, So, Yeah...

I envy him(henry), and lete, they get to have something I won't have, Ever, Ever ever. Lucky Dogs!

So I've decided on a Date, The 26th of June, Three years after I arrived i will leave. I'm affraid of telling people, because Thats just how I am, not a spine in my body HAHAHA the lesser of two evils? I'm not refering to the voting, but the evil and spine.

I'm so tired, not in the physical sense, I just want to go home, where home is I know not, Maybe I ruined the world for myself with my thoughts, and overly high expectations of my fellow humans and their environs.. But I dont want to lower my thought standards, What Would that Do to mE and My ?!?

I just dont know anymore



Maliana said...

babhah dang i wanna hear the flippin drums didin't anyone else make a video? sad! yeah i never graduated anything either kinda sucks ey? but it's okay me and you are secretly the most awesome! don't tell anyone i told you!

Maliana said...

wait huh? i got a really good picture?

MiriamR said...

that was pretty cool. Are there any pictures of Henry graduating. You can still graduate from COllege and have a ceremony!!! Yay you can just keep on graduating forever with like doctorates. Those are cool ceremonies because you get all these robes and stuff. COOL.

meleofa said...

Lovely new background. the audio on that video was stunning! what camera do you have? we are in the market for a new one, and I liked the audio. :) Thank you for putting that up. It was excellent.

MoBo said...

Maliana, Are Choo Crazeh?! of course no one else did, they were all thinking "bloody Natives" AHHAHA (juh King) and your Kronur Picture is super cool. Hopefully one day Miriam, and It was a Ricoh Mele'Ofa, it was cheap so i bought it, then i saw it in a rolex advertisment of a golfer in my time magazine i was like, whatdya know?!? haha heard of it? I havent HAHA