Saturday, October 17, 2009

We Are Very Much Alike, You and I

HaHaHa! I just went to see where the wild things are, I personally think it is very Artsy! interesting, a bit much for childrens, in the sense that Children probs wouldnt really understand it, but i dunno, maybe kids dont understand any movies. I was REALLy Scared when they threatened to eat him!! they turned into monsters, just by altering little things about themselves, in their faces.

Have you ever seen the movie Englar Alheimsins? Or Benjamin Dufa? or Noi Albinoi? I havent seen that last one but I am sure its a good movie ahahaha. Thems are Icelander movies and my point or comparison is that They deal with Deep things, things that children wouldnt really understand and thats what i think this movie does; Like, ***SPOILER haha if you intend on seeing the movie and like surprises jump to the next paragraph, okay i dont know if its a spoiler, its more my view of what happens**** At first i thought all the Wild Things represented the People in Max' life, but as the movie progressed it became apparent that the Wild Things were different sides of Max' Personality, accept the buffalo one, I didnt really see him as anything. One of them has Anger issues, one feels Like no one ever listens to him (they dont ) and is always trying to get everyones attention, then there is the misunderstood one, the mean one and the nice one that does nice things for everyone and is never against anyone all quite interesting

It had an Independant filmness to it, OR! have you seen that one movie, I think its called Millions, its an English movie were there is a widowed father and his youngest has a different view of the world, because the mother would tell them stories about the saints (or maybe she prayed with them, all i know is its a bit on the catholic side or summing.. or do other churches have saints too..?) and she died and all he had left of her was the stories, so the saints came and helped him whenever he had a problem or was sad or angry, Good movie, a bit sad, good though.

Anyway, I liked the movie a lot, I loved the book when I was younger. I had so many ideas about how the story went, one of my teachers read it to me in school. When I re-read it a few days ago I was like WHAdaHAdA>?/ my memories were NOTHING like the story! I still prefer my version to the Original and Real one muahaha makes for more entertainment.

End Note, The movie was a bit strange, There wasnt really an "Ah we all learned something!", ***sPOILER in my opinion anyways*** Max doesnt become scolded, and it didnt feel (to me anyways) like he had any realisation moment, no realisation that he shouldnt Explode at people, and bite them when he wants them to heel, or Destroy things when he is mad, then again maybe the idea is that the whole Wild Things island is In his Head, and him seeing what its like when people do what he did makes him realise its not cool, and when he decides to go home He is aknowledging that he was in the wrong? he doesnt say sorry to his mummy or his sister, Anywho I found the ending slightly dissatisfying; In my memory and my story of where the wild things are the Island is REAL!!! its not just in his head...

Anywho I figure the ending is just like the book, Empty threats and the Brat continues to Grow at a Dangerous rate, and will one day destroy society


p.s. it had some great Quotes like theres one something along the lines of "...and we'll build a Machine, that can take our legs off, So we Can Float!" and "Carol, That's Hateful" I was chuckling all through the movie. SIDe note! **SPOILS OF WAR** I think Max is Completely Justified in his destroying of the room, HOw could she betray him like that??? She is a stupid sister, muther effer i was raging at that kid, You never let People Mess with Your younger siblings, Only YOU are allowed to scar them, and it was so dangerous and he was crying! even though he wasnt crying out of pain, STILL GOsh, What the HEck Is wrong with her??? i'll never get over that, Thats something I cant Stand in characters from books/movies/shows An Older sibling that lets their friends Degrade their younger siblings(or family), Its just the worst. I would never let anyone talk about Henry or lete (no one ever knew the older sisters hehe) in any way, I would react as if the person had said something about my momma, I get the crazy eyes and the scary stance and boiling blood, Thems fighting words i tell thee; Everyone knew you dont talk about my family hahaha anyways, its late at the night and this keyboard goes tak tak tak tak tak tak just like a manga muahaha


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MiriamR said...

I figured it would be artsy just cause the previews scream that at me. I need to go reread it cause I don't remember that book at all I thought it was about dreaming and then waking up and jumping out his window chasing an animal and then finding all these other wild animals and having adventures. I guess we are all crazy when we are little. I remember liking goonies and thats an off movie for little kids and so I guess some don't get it cause I didn't.