Saturday, October 31, 2009

What WILL those Canadians come up with Next????

HaHAHA the other day I needed corn for the dinner i was preparing, soo i went to the store to get some. I wander down the canned vege isle and see:

*LABEL says Peaches and Cream whole kernel corn CANADA FANCY(I cant really see the canada fancy, but thats what it looks like)


(the can wasnt open, but i forgot to take a picture before i opened it hahaha)

At first I thought my ward was just being a child that mistook something for something else because I didnt look at the picture, I just looked at the label, but then I see the corn and I'm like HUH??? So I'm staring at this no name(thats the store brand, i am quite impressed with it hahaha) can of peaches and cream corns and I wonder if it was a MEGA BOOBOO on the factories part, Mislabeling and what not, because after working in a factory Myself I can see why/how they decided to sell it rather than throw it away (haha done it a few time me/ourselves hahaha, its a mega waste, evenm just the labeling), but then I see the jolly greens corn says peaches and cream TOO! so I start looking all over the veggies for corn that wasnt peaches and cream, and after looking at every canned veggie brand that had a picture of corn on it I grabbed a can of no name peaches and cream corns and asked another shopper if it was corn.

She was an older lady and she looked at me like i was daft as she said "Yes thats corn" then i pointed out the peaches and cream and she said "Oh... uh, its probably because its no name" and to clarify and be able to place blame(on someone other than me huahaha) if it werent corn I asked her if it was Corn for sure and she says "oh yes" and before she can talk anymore i say "okay Thank you!" and walk away as she gives me dirty confused evil confused eyes, because she started to ramble and walk away as she answered with the "oh yes *rambleramble* brand *ramble*"and im like, whata fruity person. I do believe she started rambling because she just looked behind me at the more expensive brands and they ALL said peaches and cream so her theory was Out. I figured she was most likely a Canadian, from her franco englo accent, and since it was a mystery to her I wondered what the heck Kanadiskur were On About!! not knowing they were eating peaches and cream instead of corn.. How is that even possible?? Wierd, boggles my mind.

AFTER some contemplation I wondered if it was maybe a Trick that the franco's play on the non french speakers, and maybe the French label tells the Joke? hahahahahahaha So here is a picture of the one and the other sides.

Now I dont speak ANY french, but doesnt Deux mean two???

If you meet a Canadian ask them if they like their corn to be peaches and cream, and if they look at you with "Stupid American!" eyes then tell them to go look at a can of corn in their SUperMArket!! and LOOK WHOS STUPID THEN! HUH??? hahahaha and mamma have a look at the stores down there, This is a Mystery that I would like to solve! its confusing and strange, makes me think these people might be a bit daft/dim-witted, since they dont notice what they are buying HMMM? Anywho, if you know, or speak french, let me in on the joke! hahaha

p.s. I think its a Great Joke! as if someone got bored one day, and so they started printing the labels like this, and all the other companies joined in not wanting to be different, Or maybe a conformity experiment, or maybe all the Companies wanted to see if people ever looked at the label, GOLLY this is annoying! hahahaha

P.P.s Happy Halloween!!! maybe the corn is dressed up too? hahahahaha


MiriamR said...

ha ha ha this is so funny. Now I want to know whats going on with that

Wiley Family said...

Yeah this is hilarious. It's halloween corn!! ahahaha how confusing. Keep us posted with what you find out. I dont speak french so i cant help you out.