Thursday, October 22, 2009

Favourite Pass Time: taking candy from strangers

Sooooo I'm sure we all know I have a bit of a problem when it comes to Korean Drama's (wuahahahahaha) but I'm better than you Think SIR!!!! or maybe worse hahhaha

I Know when I have an issue of addiction. (you may disagree?? hahaha!) How I deal with it is I make sure that its not the only thing that I am doing, I make it into a reward for working Real hard, or something like that (sometimes not so hard cheehee). Maybe thats not a good way of dealing with such a problem but I think it works well with my Korean Drama's, Because I dont see them as bad, as long as I do other things as well, hahaha!

BAck in the days when I was watching Boys Over Flowers(REALLY GOOD I TELL THEE, TEH AWESOME, BeTTER THAN PRINCESS HOURS, WHICH USED TO BE MY FAVOURITE, BUT NOW BOYS OVER FLOWERS IS MY FAVOURITE, which makes me kinda sad because I can't look at Princess Hours the same way anymore... HOLY COW ITS GOOD! I need to buy it, so I can watch it any time every time whenever I Like1!1!!11!) I would wake up anywhere between 4 and 6 am (I am naturally an early waker type, but due to circumstances may sleep till noon if i felt like it ahahaha) to watch it hehehe.

HERE Follows my schedule for days of the BoF:

  1. Wait for dad to go to work (hehe) Then get up and do morning rituals (teeth clean face wash scripture read pray Shower, what have you).
  2. Make my way into the kitchen and do dishes and clean the kitchen and what have you.
  3. Calmly make my way into the living room and tidy up a bit there too.
  4. Casualy walk over to the laptop and turn it on, going to the kitchen to eat some brekkies while it starts up
  5. Check Emails and other such internet Jazz

The Daily activities would vary, Depending on who'd wake up and how long it would take me to do the different chores I set myself. Sometimes poor mamma would wake up at early hours (or not sleep at all), so she would be on the computer when I woke up, or Henry would come running down the stairs to try beat me to the computer (HAHAHA FAT CHANCE BRO, you shoulda heard the noise he made, GOSH) but he only beat me on days when there were heaps of dishes... (MAYBE HE MADE HEAPS OF DISHES BECAUSE HE REALISED MY SCHEDULE?!?!? SCOUNDRAL! haha just kidding, highly unlikely). So on the days where Someone else was on the computer/got to the computer before me I'd go back upstairs and read a book in The Corner until I was allowed to go on the computer (I'd ALWAYS(is this true mamma? hahahahahha I thought so, but my addict brain might be a liar) Ask mamma if I could use her laptop, not sure if i asked about the computer though).

I put an emphasis on the calm and slow of it all because I felt I needed to give other people in the house a chance to come and take the computer before me, Cuz as they can tell you, THAT WAS ALL I DID THE WHOLE DAY!! ahhahah I also felt guilty; thats why I did the cleaning too, it was more guilt than reward, I Felt I needed to do some mucho labours before I did the sinful thing of watching KDRAMA'S!!!!! I Also Did most anything anyone asked me to because I felt guilty about it hahaha (maybe they will disagree, but to my addict mind I did stop and do anything anyone asked, like the dishes, or sweeping or weeding, or garage cleaning or laundry; Sometimes mamma had chores for us to do, I would pick the hardest ones and if someone needed to do more, I would do more). I did my tasks slowly because I didnt want it to control me hahahaha If someone else got to the computer first, oh well I'd go read a book, Ya Get Me? This is also the schedule I had when I was a Diablo addict, that obsession was much less severe though, I would go eat food when I played diablo hehe. I'm not sure if this is admitting that it Does control me ahhahaha But I refuse to be controlled by Things, Stupid things and peoples! hahaha

Anywho, the point of this thing was That I am watching this one drama (pretty funny hahaha, kinda creepy, hahahah why are asians so liberal with their Thoughts?!?!? hahahha well the Japanese and Korean, I dont know much about the other countries in asia major) called Coffee Prince, its got some Great Music! in my opinion. I only watch it at night, after errbody has gone to bed (meaning their rooms rather than sleep, so around 6/7 haha early early), I grab my Wards(When I say Ward I am reffering to my Charge, the girl I look after haha, not the people I go to church with haha, same as with previous post lol) Laptop and slink off to my room. Before I Jump into my Korean Dreams (HaHaHaHaH) I make sure that I do some reading or writing for an hour, hour and a half. I usualy Read(BOM!) before, because I go into the wee hours of the morning... usualy hahahaha i was gonna say sometimes, but that would have been a deciet! Anywho I read in Icelandic, SUPER AWESOME! but what does Losnir mean? or lostir... Trying to find it but I cant, its Everywhere when I am reading and nowhere when I am finding out what it means hahaha and what chapter are you guys on mamma? hahaha just checkin

On the Other Hand


MiriamR said...

I have addictions like that. I LOVE THEM I can usually get daniel addicted to anything I like (except History detectives he hates those) so we watch them together and egg each other on on the addictions. However they do not last very long for me which is rather disappointing. I marathon them and then I am done and sad that there is no more and then move onto my next addiction. I love a clean house too, I do chores but the lil ones hate a clean house they think its strange and abnormal and ruin my plans of the clean house. Eva follows me around the house when I clean and tries to pull out the stuff I just put away. It makes me laugh for 5 seconds and then steam comes out of my eyes. ha ha. Sorry for the super long comment. I don't know whats wrong with me today.

Wiley Family said...

Oh miriam i love history detectives hahaha. Wow i think miriam and I are addicts the same way. I get really into stuff like series. i have to watch it all as soon as possible and then I move on. hahahaha. we get addictive behavior from dad im sure. I too like the cleaning cleaning cleaning. I just wish my kids would adopt that addiction ahaha ok i dont want them addicted thats bad. what i need to do is get addicted to working out, that would be a good one. :) As usual its great fun to read about your ins and outs. Oh and you are just so great to read in Islenskt. I have a bom in islensk I should read it but I wouldnt know what was going on hahahaha. love you.