Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wuahaah Shocker! one after the other

Step One: Acquire Hideous, I mean Material

STEP Two: Use Patern for Evil, I mean cutting out the needed pieces

Step Three: Pin Pieces together; if you do not have pins than be creative (and districtive if you have delicat material) and Use Safety Pins!!!

SO I am working on this thing for my ward, for her Haloween costume, Its not a required thing, I volunteered since i've got nothin better to do Ya Dig? hahaha anywhos I decided that maybe I'll do a show and tell like Miriam and melisa and MEle'oFA! not maliana though, shes too good to be cool like us Hey?? hahaha chokes, I'm not finished yet and I am not gonna tell what im doing till its done, You might have been able to Guess, Hopefuly not though, I feel slightly ashamed muahahaha but I am working on my seamstress skills so its ok

Anywho, its a saturday afternoon and this is what my Bedroom looks like, I am pretty chuffed about it hahaha I'm such a wierd ie Nerd Kid

Over this past week I have been chatting with Miriam nearly Everyday! its rather fun. In the mornings I hop on the computer and chat away with miriam till its time to pick up my ward from kindy (drop her off at 11:45 and pick her up at 2:30pm). Then I chat with Miriam about the recipe she has just given me for making dinner, ITs SUper Awesome fun, I reccomend you all join me wuahahaha! Anywho, I love doing it, Because Miriam helps me as i make it, Super! I NEVER REALISED that I had a problem like this But I have trouble doing things from Reading instructions alone. It all makes sense now, why I hated doing reports in school, why I hated most types of school work that was solitary or from a text book (unless it was math, I loved math and going ahead, but then the teacher usualy showed us(me specificaly because I was in a lower class but shouldnt have been) once and let us go about our biness).

HaHa! Thats something that has Always bothered me, Becuase I love learning new things, and I love writing, so why did I always have Torturous trouble with reports and such? CAn you say Agony?? thats what they were to me; The teachers always pushed me to do my work and pushed my deadlines to outerspace so I could hand in a paper, they knew i wasnt stupid but they never understood why I wouldn't hand in the papers (which were good, might i brag); In the whole of my school Career There has only been two papers I didnt hand in, One in Hummanities and one in Science, Both because it became summer break and I was too wuss to hand them in hahahah

HaHa this epiphany is terrifying. Becuase of this bother that I just mentioned I've always been scared of doing post-secondary, because I didnt want to waste anybodies money, or time, or anything, Because I knew I would do the same thing, Not Do the coursework= FAIL. Bloody norah, Even though I have now realised and have accepted this I dont know how I can go about fixing it

NOW I KNOw whyI was always in special classes, ever since my schooling began I've been in special classes, Bloody Norah, What a nuisance this thing is, I am going to cry... boohoo

ANYWAY, totally off topic. What I was gonna say is If there are any recipe's you would like me to try for you Pop on the Msn!!! or the facebook, someplace where you can chat with meeeee And we can have a gran ol time ! by the by Miriam, that beef casarole was Deliscious! the meat was alright in the end, very delicious, I didnt even mind the onions, they softened and melded with all the other flavours, ok!

On the other Hand

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MiriamR said...

So cool that you are making her costume! I think thats a fun way to encourage your sewing skills cause its only going to be worn once and its just for fun.

Hey did you know most schools will help you with that (I mean colleges) you can go take a learning disorder test or something and then tell the teacher you have a specific learning disorder and then they will try to adjust the way they do the test or whatever, at least they do that at BYU for the testing center and such. I always wanted to go tell them I couldn't do multiple choise. I think multiple choice is the worse thing on the planet and stupid and horrid. I would sit there for hours feeling sick just staring at the stupid multiple choice part and I always did badly on them and then fantastic on the essay and short essay parts. Well maybe all schools wont help you but some should.

I want to try the meat casserole today but I forgot to get cream of mush soup. Oh well maybe I will do pork chops. I have an AMazINg and easy recipe!