Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mr. Aro certainly is Creepy, what with his Voyer like habits of staring at girls in their windows

Look at these

So these Pictures are all of my hair, if you didn't notice (and other things). The point is, LOOOK at it. For the past few months I've been not washing my hair and this is what it look like.
I got the Idea from Miriam, She doesnt wash her hair. JUST KIDDING HAHAHAHAH she told me about these Two women that stopped washing their hair for some reason, and they said after about three months their hair Normalized.
When Me and Henry went to Calgary with Dad, I was Mega bored and none of the Hair Care Products were being nice to my hair. So I got sick of that and decided to try the no washy hair thing. Let me tell you, It was Pretty Gross for a while, My hair got Really Greasy, I looked like a rocker, it was gross. After a little over three months my hair normalized. Its not the same as when I wash it, but its not All GrEezeh. It looks more like how my hair gets when I dont wash it for a few days.
Anywho, These are some of the things that I've noticed about my hair that are quite different:
  • My hair IS EVERYWHERE.

    If I put my hand through my hair three strands will come out, and that can go on for Five brushes (with my hand).
    I Think this might be because When I wash my hair I wash it like I am washing a dish rag in a river on a rock, Gotta Scrub Hard to get it Clean! and so all the hair would come out all at one when I showered or washed my hair rather than slowly whenever it feels like.

    My brush has a Layer of fluffies in it, WHAT THE HECK IS WITH THAT???
    When I washed my hair, like I said I would shake and scrape my head REEEAAl hard to make sure it was a deep clean, none of this sissy nice massaging bussiness. I think that might be why I am not Har Sar (Islensk), thats what my friends in Iceland called it, you can pull my hair and it wont hurt, it would just annoy me, but thats sorta how my whole body is, I dont really feel "Pain" just discomfort or annoyance from something that is bother me, or distracting, or a Shock, like a slap. but I can't really say I've ever felt much physical pain, EXCEPT!! Excercise, like running or sitting on a wall with no chair; lean on a wall and lower yourself into a sitting position, hold for a slow count to ten than slowly raise youself and have a little rest, Repeat Five times GAlly Molly this is murder hahahaha.

Thats just about it, My hair is more Malleable, but my Hair has always been that way. You can only make it do what you want when its Dirty, if its clean it'll pretty much BoiNG right back to its natural crazy and not let you do anything with it, so I can put my hair in an easy pony tail now! hahaha! (My life long dream finally comes True! totally serious)

Something that MIGHT be, but probably not, caused by the no washing: I am Very Shocking, touching electrical ports, light switches, metal, Other People, and what not I get a REAL shock. Your average static shock times by at least 5, it was super funny in calgary because I would go touch lete or henry and they would get Supa Shocked! haahahah But its not cool here, Because at night I have to switch the light off before I go to bed so I try to touch metal before the lightswitch, I get a little tiny shock form the metal, but Then the light still Zaps me, oh bother. I think this might be due to the Way I walk, or the blanket I use, or the clothes I wear or a combination of all of the afore mentioned things.

I am a Super human with the Ability to Shock You all! hahaHaHah Ask lete man, Its Super shocking, or mamma. Its a powerful zap I've got here, It worries me a little because It might effect my nervous system, you know, like I might not be able to feel with my finger tips in a few years if this continues or something, You know how the body runs on tiny Electrical currents and what not? and the Nervous system is a complex web of little electrode feely things.

ANYwho, this is way too long, and I really love Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street The Movie, but it is REALLY bloody and gorey, which is something I cant handle haha I wonder why, But I love it none the less. So sad! and crazy! and insane! and the music is SOOO Good, I love singing along with it, I need to buy me the CD, been meaning too since I saw it! I have the Hairspray CD, its Great GOOD MORNING BALTIMOREEEE!!! hahah imagine that being sung REALly off and loud hahahaha, My favourite part in that movie is the march, I nearly cried hahaha great stuff, Good Song too! ok Bye Fo Reos


meleofa said...

Your playlist is quite refreshing for me. I enjoy it immensely. This may be a rude question, but how does your hair smell? You just don't use shampoo anymore, right? My hair is wicked. I am not sure I could deal with not washing it. But, you know, it's horrible already, why not try something new? I want to chop it off. It's nice when I actually straighten it out, but that takes forever, and I only do it once a month. Maybe. Do you like your hair this way? It looks quite nice. The whole zap thing is interesting. And must be a bit annoying. Fun post. :D

MiriamR said...

thats so cool that you are trying it. Yeah they said wicked horrible firt 3 months then awesome. I have static problems too. I can't wear or touch fleece and even at the supermarket if I drag my feet while pushing the trolley everything shocks me and it hurts. I already have a phobia or shocking , thats why I hate trampolines. so if you have fleece bingo also dry climate, my hair goes big. I think I would try the shampoo hair no it I cut my hair. These ladies said the best thing was not needing to use hair products for great hair.

MoBo said...

I am Very Glad you enjoy my playlist, That makes me happppppyyyyy!

Uhm, I dont think it smells much of anything, maybe it smells a bit like hair, but not in that gross hair way? but my nose is blocked so i couldnt verify that for you huahaha.

Before I left Calgary I asked lete and henry a few times what they thought of my hair, Texture smell feel, all that jazz, and they accused me of washing my hair, hahaha makes me sad because I dont think its all that great(my hair), and if thats what my hair is ALWAYS LIKE>!??!?? hahaha
They seemed Very sceptical that i hadnt washed my hair, henry was shaking my head and ruffling my hair, trying to shake it into a grease fest or something I'm not sure haha; they were both staring at me with sceptical eyes, it made me feel uncomfortable.

Yeah, I like that i dont need to worry about shampoo and what not, and shower time is a WHOLE lot quicker. I bet i could take, Like, a Minute shower and be clean.. HaHa

any queries lemme know, I dont find the smell question rude at all, this was an Experiment, ASk Away! i would be silly to take offence

Hera said...

You always have nice hair Melanie. Your never looked greasy or dirty just fluffier.
Your hair neve smelled bad. Believe me I know how awful it is to have greasy hair.
Well done with everything Melanie